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A free alternative to Buffer / Hootsuite without so many restrictions?

Do you know of runner ups for the scheduling services that Buffer & Hootsuite provide without the limits for posting or number or credits?

I'm trying to find similar products.

Julien ChaumondJulien Chaumond, Built
Circular ( is the way to go! Features unlimited messages and unlimited accounts.

Disclaimer: I built it.
Geoffrey ReemerGeoffrey Reemer, Enthusiastic Twitter-user
Right now, Tweetdeck is the only thing that comes to mind. But as the Joker said: "if you're good at something, never do it for free." Hootsuite and Buffer way outperform Tweetdeck in features and options.
Nigel OhrumNigel Ohrum, Digital native with analytical... (more)
You've tried the best two third-party social media scheduling tools that have free options. I don't know that you will find a free alternative that doesn't have some type of restrictions.

How often are you wanting to post? Could you use Buffer in conjunction with Facebook's post scheduler?

That should provide consistent weekly coverage and all for free. If you need to schedule 20+ posts per week, I would upgrade. It's only a few dollars each month and it will probably save you a considerable amount of time if you're going for the volume approach.

Mark Michael LewisMark Michael Lewis, Profitability Coach
Sociota is way cool. Powerful, easy, expansive. Thank you for the reference.
Sumit GhoshSumit Ghosh, Entrepreneur,Geek, Programmer,... (more)
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Try out SocioBoard - Generate More leads on Social Media|  Social CRM | Social Media CMS , it also has a free and open source version at Open Source Social Media Management: A New Dawn
Its one and only free and open source social media dashboard in the market currently.
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