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Deane RimermanDeane Rimerman, Got any questions about greene... (more)
I wish I had a way to sort out follows? I just hit 2000 follows on Soundcloud and I'm not allowed to go higher and I'm not doing it to spam friend requests. I'm doing it to find really good music, which is in short supply on Soundcloud. If there was an easy way to sort thru my follows and eliminate all the bad music, inactive accounts, as well as bad techno, as well all the people who don't post often, my life would be so awesome. Seems Soundcloud offers none of this.

And yes I agree that friend growth needs to happen naturally, but until I had 100+ follows almost no one was following me, as in there wasn't any growth at all even though the music that's succeeding now is the same music that wasn't succeeding back then.

Anyways... How to more easily manage follows on Soundcloud that's what I'm googling for right now! Any thoughts?