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Bogotá is the capital of Republic of Colombia, in the North-West corner of South America.
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Answer written2013
Brandon GreenBrandon Green, Lived in Colombia 11 months, i... (more)
It is a gorgeous trip, and it's safe, as long as you fly. I lived in Bogota for a while, and was lucky enough to hop onto a tour my friends had organized - to get there we chartered a cargo plane i... (more)
Answer written2013
Brandon GreenBrandon Green, Lived in Bogota for 6 months a... (more)
6 upvotes by Jay Neely, Joe DeSorte, Maurice Gregory, (more)
If you have the time, you should travel through Costa Rica down to Panama and sail from there to Cartagena. It will cost you about the same as a flight, but you'll get five days worth of food and l... (more)
Answer written2013
Caro RealpeCaro Realpe, Passionate and curious about l... (more)
40 upvotes by Jim Gordon, Anonymous, Joe Friedman, (more)
I'm colombian so I can help you a little bit..

Vacano: something nice
Parce: a close friend
Que Chimba: something amazing... (more)
Answer written2013
Juan Jose RamirezJuan Jose Ramirez, Product Manager
There are some laws that ban smoking in specific public spaces. It may give the impression of a non-smoking culture but if you go to a university, night club or just stay a few minutes in a crowded... (more)
Answer written8 Aug
Colón Theater (Bogotá)
It was built in the Neoclassical style by the Italian architect Pietro Cantini in 1885 and inaugurated on 27 October 1892 on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the disco... (more)
Answer written2013
Javier SalomJavier Salom, Co-Founder Impaktu
As a New Yorker who spent all of 2012 living in Bogota and now all of 2013 living in Mexico City, I'm pleased to share a few personal insights about both experiences.

Generally, both are fantastic... (more)
Answer written2012
Stephen CairnsStephen Cairns, Live / Work in Bogotá, Colombi... (more)
Cinders, bienvenido and welcome

It appears you are asking for tourist advice not necesarily a business trip. Based on your description of what you want you'll have to sacrifice something. I think ... (more)
Answer written12 Nov
Quora UserQuora User
5 upvotes by Oscar Méndez, Andres Ussa, Ingrid Romero, (more)
Colombia is known for many things, good and unfortunately bad.

Some of the good:

- Happy people no matter what. Many say Colombians are fun to be with.
- Great coffee producers.... (more)
Answer written29 Aug
I am Colombian and I've lived in Bogota for 32 years now, I've had the opportunity to live in the south, in the northeast, in the northwest, and in the chapinero and salitre area.

Overall living i... (more)
Answer written2013
Brandon GreenBrandon Green, Lived in Colombia 11 months, i... (more)
Yes, absolutely. Bogota's subcultures are active, thriving, creative, and incredible.

When I lived there, I had friends from a number of different walks of life - upper middle class bankers I met... (more)
Blog post written2012
Kyle PennellKyle Pennell, Lived there for 1 year in 2007... (more)
12 upvotes by Ben Golub, Charles Lyell, Quora User, Quora User, Quora User, (more)
I once tried a salsa tourism business in Bogota, Colombia.  I made a really elaborate spreadsheet with a bunch of numbers on how much I would make.  I convinced myself that getting 8 salsa dancers ... (more)
Answer writtenWed
Well, I think I would need more information to answer this question, what do you like? how old are you? wich type of city you prefer? This is important to know in wich country and city you would fi... (more)
Answer written2013
Edwin OrtegaEdwin Ortega, I feed the trolls.
1 upvote by Taner Topal.
That really depends on what is on your wish list in terms of preferences for a place to live. Colombia is a very diverse country in terms of weather and/or settings, so do you want to live by the C... (more)
Answer written2013
Jose L. PeñarredondaJose L. Peñarredonda, Journalist at ENTER.CO
There sure is one. Here are several accelerators like SocialAtom Ventures, Wayra and HubBog, and even the government is working closely to power up the scene with an initiative called AppsCo. There... (more)
Answer written2011
Kyle PennellKyle Pennell, Colombia, India, Mexico for de... (more)
I disagree, unless it's changed completely in the last two years.  My friends lived on 58 and 5 and we used to run around there, drunk even, all the hassles ever

I will admit that neighb... (more)
Answer written31 Oct
Hi, I don't know your age or your interests, nevertheless I'll give you some good-for-all suggestions:

- Visit Usaquen Square and have a beer in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.
-... (more)
Answer written27 Feb
no worries, you will be fine! try this places to party and meet people:

Bazurto social club. (Getsemaní, Av. del Centenario, Cra 9 #30-42.) -cartagenian beats. typical music is called champeta and... (more)
Answer written13 Oct
Lu LaverdeLu Laverde, Special Collections
This question tickles me. How can I summarize the history of a 500 year old city?
Still, I'll try it out.

First, before Bogotá, there was nothing but a high meseta, a plateau 2600 meters above sea... (more)
Answer written2013
Santiago Rodriguez OrtizSantiago Rodriguez Ortiz, Web surfer extraordinaire, dom... (more)
This is a bit of a broad question, so I give a very general answer.

There is no PR agency specialized in tech/startups in Bogota; since there are no big startups or local tech companies. The tech... (more)
Answer written2013
Epiclist IoEpiclist Io, Lauren, Community Manager at E... (more)

July would be a good time to visit Colombia because it's the dry season. The average temperatures are around 27°C so you can do any outdoor activity!
If you have 1 month you should be able t... (more)
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