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Answer written about Croatia. 15 Feb, 2011
Another real difference I see is simply a lack of cultural/societal support for an entrepreneurial lifestyle. If you try to go out on your own and fail in the U.S., there is still an appreciation &... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 28 Jul, 2012
Quora UserQuora User
Answer written about Croatia. 22 Nov, 2013
Stanislav StankovicStanislav Stankovic, Game Designer
10 upvotes by Jeffrey Eisenberg, Eamon Bohan, Quora User, (more)
In short analogy between England and Scotland is not a bad one. Serbs and Croats have been two distinct peoples since time before written history. However, we do share a language and a lot more in ... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 8 Jun, 2011
Evan ChenEvan Chen, I often travel around the world.
8 upvotes by Nino Uzelac, Toni Anicic, Quora User, (more)
I went to Croatia twice this past year, and it's a beautiful country. I'd suggest you visit Dubrovnik and spend most of your time there. Lord Byron considered Dubrovnik to be "the pearl of the Adri... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 7 Oct, 2013
Ena MinervaEna Minerva, Wherever I may roam ...
5 upvotes by Quora User, Alan John Maniamkot, Marko Radelic, (more)
Interesting thing that no Croatian answered this question :).
I would say not many, but we are to small to be isolated so we were kind of forced to enter the EU. On our referendum for the EU not e... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 30 May
Randy McDonaldRandy McDonald, Torontonian and loving it
I'd suggest that life in Yugoslavia was not only better than life in the Soviet Union (broadly defined, noting the existence of significant variations across both diverse federations), but that it ... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 11 Jan, 2011
Mark HarrisonMark Harrison, Running technology at FundingK... (more)
9 upvotes by Murray Robinson, Marco North, Roanna Kong, (more)
I know that GDP (PPP) per capita isn't a perfect proxy for "well off", but in the interests of providing some evidence, I'll use the IMF 2010 numbers.

The three columns are, ranking in world, coun... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 4 Feb
Roman UrbanovskiRoman Urbanovski
6 upvotes by Quora User, Breanden Beneschott, Andy Zujic, (more)
I remember seeing the picture from 4-5years earlier in my head. It was a memory of the first day in school when we were paired up and hold hands on our way to classrooms. I was paired with a girl a... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 14 Jun, 2011
Quora UserQuora User, backpack'd
5 upvotes by Quora User, Quora User, Sidney Chang, (more)
Croatia is a beautiful country, having everything from beaches to islands to  forests. That being said, I'm going to offer mostly inland things to do/see, since I only had hit up the main cities (D... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 23 Mar
B Bipin KumarB Bipin Kumar, Student, Curious, trying to di... (more)
9 upvotes by Quora User, Marvin Powell, Audun Bie, (more)
My answer may seem radical to other answers, I would say you should try moving to a place out of your comfort zone. Why not try any Asian countries like Singapore, China, India, etc.

I cannot tell... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 24 Jan, 2011
Sorin TrancaSorin Tranca, Ahmmm... I sometimes wear nice... (more)
I believe the origins of the EU are the following words, written by Victor Hugo around the middle of the 19th Century.

‘A day will come when all the nations of this continent, without losing their... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 9 Jun, 2013
Quora UserQuora User, Serbia: Once a kingdom; now a ... (more)
10 upvotes by Aleksandar Ratkovic, Quora User, Madison Johnson, (more)
Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija) was formed prior to WWII, in the years following the overthrow of remaining vestiges of the Ottoman. It was a Kingdom born of another Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 14 Feb, 2012
Quora UserQuora User, Cartographer of Pleasures
8 upvotes by Quora User, Quora User, Quora User, (more)
Despite its proximity and beauty, I would venture that Central and South America are actually difficult regions to "experience the local culture". Most of the good, easy places for a young family a... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 28 Aug
Igor MarkovIgor Markov, grew up in Kiev, speaks Russia... (more)
7 upvotes by Randy McDonald, Eric Nelson, Mark Savchuk, (more)
To ensure compatibility with helos of other NATO members.
This way Dutch, German, Spanish and other soldiers do not need to be familiar with Soviet-made helos. Ukrainian soldiers are already famili... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 27 Sep
Marko RadelicMarko Radelic, Simpfinity Co-Founder, SEM spe... (more)
Few days ago India's spacecraft successfully maneuvered itself into orbit around the planet Mars. India's MOM's mission cost is around $74 million. Distance from Earth to Mars is 225 million kilometres.
... (more)
Blog post written about Croatia. 15 Oct
Artist: Manuela Vladić-Maštruko

Nationality: Croatian...
Answer written about Croatia. 6 Jun
After the WW1 Croatia got under the Serbian rulership. Serbia abused their power and Croats were not happy about it. Those who were more proactive among Croats started a separatist movement, called... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 21 Jul, 2013
Mihovil MagdićMihovil Magdić, CEO of Take Snowshoes Ltd. www... (more)
3 upvotes by Quora User, Quora User, and Arnold Van Lee.
Dubrovnik is famous location and it is a good start for your trip.

It's cultural and historical place so don't expect to party there. From there you can visit island Mljet, and its national park w... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 21 Oct, 2012
Erdin BeshimovErdin Beshimov, Thankful to have lived through... (more)
I've come to believe that a good measure of how well a country is doing is how many of its citizens are looking to leave.  I am from Kyrgyzstan and know that getting out of Kyrgyzstan, preferably t... (more)
Answer written about Croatia. 14 Sep, 2013
Jann Griffith HokeJann Griffith Hoke, I write what I know.
Thank you for the A2A.

This is an interesting question, and I did a little research before replying.  Apparently many Americans are studying the Croatian language in many different forums.  I foun... (more)
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