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Stephan RegulinskiStephan Regulinski, Understanding trumps algorithm.
8 upvotes by Bill Lattner, Kris Haamer, Lee Williamson, (more)
From the business owner’s perspective, there are two issues: are they giving discounts to people who would have paid full price and are they generating new customers at a reasonable cost.  Like eve... (more)
Tom GoodwinTom Goodwin, I write about advertising for ... (more)
7 models that could be the future of retail.

1) Bespoke Retail.

The democratization of creativity , new production techniques allow much more efficient and interesting creation of units in tiny n... (more)
Jacob VanWagonerJacob VanWagoner, Applications engineer working ... (more)
Yes.  But you need to understand more what the math does than actually be able to do the math by hand.

For instance, take circuit design.  For linear circuits, it's a bunch of linear algebra, and ... (more)
Quora UserQuora User, Business graduate. Works in mo... (more)
8 upvotes by Quora User, Edward Wagner, Ishan Seneviratne, (more)
Of course there is no definite way to set one up. But from what I learned from working for a start-up flash sales site that sold sports equipment I can give you a little insight into what we did wh... (more)
Danielle MorrillDanielle Morrill, Twilio
You can use Twilio to send text messages just as you described.  Not sure what language you'd be coding in, but we have some sample code for how to do this in PHP here:
... (more)
Ahmed ElasraAhmed Elasra, Product Owner & Cofounder at Q... (more)
19 upvotes by Kunal Arora, Chris Drit, Gabriel Song, (more)
The whole mobile, loyalty, analytics, coupons..etc thing can be described as a online merchant-customer platform, a space that's currently very dynamic and it is practically impossible to count all... (more)
Haneef RehmanHaneef Rehman, I do things.
7 upvotes by Jeremy Miles, Vishal Biyani, David Barber, (more)
The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 is around £70/$100 and is incredible for that price.
It is all of the following:
  • Super sharp (especially at f/4.0)
  • Great for indoor photography and other low light conditions
  • ...
Jonas M LusterJonas M Luster, trimethylxanthine addict
59 upvotes by Cliff Gilley, Jesse Farmer, Kartik Ayyar, (more)
Daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. We have two phone numbers (and everyone uses their cell for anything important). The office number is the one we give out on letterheads and during conference... (more)
Anysa HolderAnysa Holder, Marketing Strategist
I have to say Airfare Watchdog is by far the best notifier I've found...I almost don't want to give out the secret its so good. They recently tweeted great deals from JFK (NYC) to Paris $171r/t, to... (more)
Jake FurstJake Furst, biz dev at foursquare
47 upvotes by Eric Friedman, Sam Brown, Naveen Selvadurai, (more)
Foursquare Specials work in real-time, yes. A Special does first need to be approved by our team, but after approval it can be "made live" and/or turned off in real-time.

We would recommend pre-lo... (more)