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Answer written about Disappointment. 14 Feb, 2011
Tristan KromerTristan Kromer, Cogito ergo sum, plus Socrates... (more)
6 upvotes by Quora User, Quora User, Quora User, (more)
"Disabuse" has some negative connotations which are perhaps coloring the question and the answers.

There is a difference between "Redpill"ing someone (as Seb Paquet put it) and subtly questioning ... (more)
Answer written about Disappointment. 14 Jan
Hunter McCordHunter McCord
10 upvotes by Leonard Kim, Quora User, Quora User, (more)
This is a helpful way to deal with disappointment which we all go through

» How to Cope with Disappointment - World of Psychology

1. Manage emotion.
This step would be No. 1 when dealing with an... (more)
Answer written about Disappointment. 13 May
Nicole MoncadaNicole Moncada, Seeking to better educate the ... (more)
7 upvotes by Quora User, Anonymous, Quora User, (more)
You can not learn life lessons.
You can allow the lessons of life to wash over you and hope the lessons stick.

Laziness can often be confused as helplessness. If that is the case you need to find ... (more)
Answer written about Disappointment. 29 Jan
Quora UserQuora User, Life doesn't end…it merely cha... (more)
6 upvotes by Anonymous, Quora User, Lalith Mandala, (more)
  • Babies
  • Puppies
  • Smiles
  • Chocolate
  • Grandchildren
  • Kittens...
Answer written about Disappointment. 6 Apr, 2012
Mike LearyMike Leary, Psychotherapist in private pra... (more)
6 upvotes by David Frank Gomes, Anonymous, Quora User, (more)
if your parents want you to be anything but yourself and be in a state of happieness, something is wrong.
Now that said, because of a combination of naïveté, folklore, culture, religion, customs, ... (more)
Answer written about Disappointment. 27 Mar
Quora UserQuora User, tell me about your childhood..
It depends on the importance of the outcome.

If the outcome is something that I can live without, a disappointment won't be great because, in the end, it won't matter anyway.

If the outcome is vi... (more)
Answer written about Disappointment. 18 Aug, 2012
Matthew ManningMatthew Manning, Formerly intelligent person
37 upvotes by June Chan, Quora User, Visakan Veerasamy, (more)
It's not raining on you, it's just raining.

That's what I think of every time I experience what I used to consider "bad luck."  Thinking you have bad luck is about as useful as thinking that rain ... (more)
Answer written about Disappointment. 24 Apr
Shana TiangShana Tiang, Composer and Chronic Ponderer
2 upvotes by Anonymous and Quora User.
When my friends disappoint me, it makes me realise that the pedestal I've placed them on should be lower. That sounds a bit horrible, but that's just how it is.

That and I also try to see things f... (more)
Answer written about Disappointment. 22 Dec, 2011
Bevan AudstoneBevan Audstone, 50 contrarian, ethical realist... (more)
8 upvotes by Greg Holley, Quora User, Kyle Pennell, (more)
IF they choose to learn, and in my opinion, many still don't; Americans are disappointed to learn that the world doesn't think about them all the time. 

That while millions may want to live here,... (more)
Answer written about Disappointment. 15 Oct
James AltucherJames Altucher, Blogger, author, social media,... (more)
611 upvotes by Sandra Summer, Justin Golden, Hans Lee, (more)
This past Monday I failed at something very big. It would've been life changing for me in a variety of ways.

I was in a meeting when I got the phone call that the deal was off. I said, "ok" after... (more)