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Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled 300 predictions, including place and time. How do atheists, who do not believe in an omniscient God, explain the accuracy to which these prophecies were fulfilled?

Edit: As requested, here is a condensed list of 365 fulfilled Messianic prophecies: 365 Messianic Prophecies
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Siddharth BhattacharyaSiddharth Bhattacharya, I keep my God to myself
The explanations of Messianic prophecies would be no different from explaining whatever goes on in Harry Potter books.

(Disclaimer: I'm sorry if I offend anyone's Christian sentiments, but an explanation is hardly possible without it.)

*Spoiler Alert for Harry Potter*

There's a 10-year old boy who can run through platforms at Kings Cross while no one nearby can. He can also speak to snakes. He can fly on brooms. What's more- he can wave a stick in his hand, speak few words and lots of incomprehensible things happen- feathers fly (wingardium leviosa), lights illuminate (lumos), people are frozen (stupefy), some ghostly creatures run away (expecto patronum) & even people die (avada kedavra). Just like Bible- here also we have Sybille Trellawney prophesizing the birth of 'Chosen One' who predicts he will the cause of the fall of the 'Dark Lord' Voldemort. Also she predicts the rise of Peter Pettigrew correcttly. It almost sounds silly a 17-year old boy killing the Dark Lord who great fighters couldn't ever. Thus the odds of fulfilling the prophecies is very low- nevertheless it happens. This boy also dies for few troubling moments, just to get up: a resurrection.

Now if someone asks for an explanation of how all these otherwise incomprehensible phenomenon can be explained and how these predictions were right- the answer is pretty simple. Harry Potter is a creation of JK Rowling- her world of fantasies where all this stuff is possible. It needs no explanation because it's not true in the real-world. Coming to the accurate prophecies apart from the magic, there's also the element of Self-fulfilling prophecy there. If Voldemort never heard of the prophecy, he wouldn't have gone after the Potters- which wouldn't have led to Lily Potter's protective shield and so on.
Coming to the Messianic prophecies. Jesus does unbelievable stuff while others can't- he heals people, becomes the redeemer. There's a dark lord as well- Satan.

Genesis 3:15.....He will bruise Satan's head.....Hebrews 2:14, 1  John 3:8

So similar to Trelawney's prediction. What's more? It's fulfilled. Just like Harry Potter all these predictions can be treated by atheists as a work of fantasy. There's no reason to believe in the existence of either Jesus or Satan. All these sound like someone's fanciful imagination. And just like I said for Harry Potter- these prophecies & strange phenomenon need no explanation because we don't believe it's true. Just like Rowling's writing Harry Potter doesn't make it true, writing Bible (by an anonymous author) doesn't make it true. Nevertheless there are some excellent moral insights in Harry Potter which don't need the advent of a God. Bible can be treated the same way- take away the morals, chuck the junk.