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How do men and women respond differently to learning about their partner's infidelity?

I mean how the one being cheated on feels and responds to it.  Are we more the same or different?
I've read that women are more hurt by emotional cheating and men are more hurt by physical cheating. For example, a woman will forgive more easily if she knows the cheater wasn't romantically involved. A man may forgive more easily if the cheater never had sex, even if she was in love with another man.

Not sure if it is that simple but it seems like a reasonable generalization.
It seems to be true, women are more hurt by emotional cheating and men are more hurt by physical cheating. It is not only a clichĂ©, being brought up in movies…. The boyfriend of my friend Sally has cheated on her. She was devastated, when she found out and wanted to know, if he loved the other girl. Of course, he did not, for him it was just a one night stand. He did not think it was a problem at all! They have tried to kit their relationship and even signed in with an online coaching community on Page on Your24hlivecoaching but in the end  they went seperate ways. Sally could not trust him anymore... . If she had cheated on him he would not have said much, I think.
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Men and women have different point of views in terms of what's considered cheating. Let's review. We will start with men, being the list is much shorter.

Men: Cheating is the following (I am answering for heterosexual males here)


*Sleeping with another man is considered cheating.

*Oral sex with another man.


Men: What is not considered cheating:


*Sleeping with another female

*Talking to another man (co-worker, friend, classmate)

*Meeting another man for lunch for business


Women: Cheating is the following

*Sleeping with another woman

* Oral sex with another woman

*Talking with another woman

*Emailing another woman

*Business luncheon with another woman

*The neighbor that is overly flirty

* The young waitress

*Anyone that is perceived as younger, smarter or a better body than your current spouse, g/f, partner, significant other.

*Any contact in your phone that we don't recognize as friend or family

*The new Facebook friend that was just added

*Hell, even your second cousin that is hot

If you have been cheated on, it does not matter which sex you are, you want to know why and how?

The emotional response is usually the same. The grieving process then begins for your relationship. The relationship will experience trust issues as well. Denial, anger/rage and then acceptance are soon to follow after the infidelity has been uncovered.
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I think women tend to have a broader definition of cheating and tend to be more upset by their partner having a emotional relationship.  Men tend to define cheating as the physical sex act with someone else.
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