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How does a balancing bird balance?

Geoffrey WiddisonGeoffrey Widdison, Engineer, reader, thinker, dre... (more)
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It's kind of a visual trick. There are metal weights in the tips of both wings, and the rest of the body is hollow plastic. They balance that so that there's the same weight in front of the beak as there is behind it. If you look at it from the side, you'll notice that the beak is not at the front, it's significantly behind the wings. The wings and body are also curved slightly downward, so the center of gravity right below the beak, which is the most stable balancing situation you can have.
Quora UserQuora User, i make science
Basic play with centres of gravity. Most of the mass of the bird is in the beak which sits in a little indent of the stand. The bird won't topple as long as the centre of gravity is aligned with the stand. The rest of the birds body is pretty much weightless relative to the mass of the beak.
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