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How is Storm8/Team Lava still able to use bots?

It's pretty obvious from the charts that they are doing something fishy.
William SiuWilliam Siu, Co Founder @ Storm8
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Not sure if this is "entertaining", but hopefully this will be educational for everyone.

I  recently gave a talk at Casual Connect 2012 to give more information on  Storm8 and one of the topics was how we leverage our strong network of  gamers to grow our user base. When we release a new game, we tell our  existing users to try it out and this is how we market our new titles.

Here is some simple math:

Storm8 DAU:  6,000,000+
Installs:                50,000 (number that was quoted by Anon User)
Percentage:            ~1%

Each day we only need about 1% of  our players to show interest in playing the new game and we can already  achieve over 50,000 installs. I can tell you that our conversion number  is a lot higher than 1% because our 6 M+ users are very targeted  and dedicated social gamers.

Yes, if you are "GREE,  Zynga, TinyCo and other developers" that do not have this strong  network of players, you will have to spend tons on advertising and  marketing, but not when you have a network like Storm8's.

Here's  another example. We released our latest game called Bubble Mania and in  the first 3 days, we hit over 1 Million installs and it is with $0 spent  on ads ( It's a great game and our players were very excited to try it out!

As for the reviews, RS:WG has been promoted for only 2 weeks so of course it  only got 1500 reviews (very inline with other apps), where as Bubble Mania has been released for 2 months and it has over 36,000 reviews.

As  for the use of bots, Storm8 has never and has no need to use such  tactic. The use of bots is against Apple's policy and Storm8 is very  align with Apple to maintain the integrity of its ecosystem.

To  the Anon User above, we are growing rapidly at Storm8. We are always  looking for talented game developers to join our team and you seem very  passionate about this space. We are located at sunny Redwood Shores,  California. We offer very competitive salaries, company  bonus program and RSU's, free gourmet lunch and dinners, $ to pimp out  your desk and the ability to work with one of the best gaming teams! If  you’re interested to learn more about Storm8, please let me know,
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