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Why or why not?

"Okay, so IntoNow has clearly built some impressive technology. But why enter this space? Because 62 percent of leisure time is spent watching TV. It’s the biggest single activity that people do after working and sleeping, Cahan says. And when they’re watching, increasingly, they’re interacting with the Internet in some way. Currently, much of that is surfing the web on a laptop or mobile device. So IntoNow set out to make a “companion experience” for TV and movie watching." -

"Cahan and team have crafted a social and engaging entertainment experience around television content, bar none. The sophistication of the SoundPrint technology, coupled with the application’s colorful design and rich feature set, have us anticipating a commercial success for IntoNow.
IntoNow has a bigger vision that supersedes its own mobile applications. The startup designs to make its SoundPrint technology the foundation of a larger audio platform and will soon release an API for that purpose. The company is also in talks with consumer electronics manufacturers to incorporate the technology inside television sets. Eventually, the startup will go down the measurement and metrics path à la Nielsen as well" -
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Smart. Internet-delivered TV is an early but arriving market and there hasn't been anybody who has carved out what the experience should be in a real way. It will all depend how quickly that they can scale and execute to hold the position but it shouldn't be tough to layer itself into the experience. It would be smart to start to try to bundle subscription premium content because like it or not the business is going that way, but integrate also free stuff, ad-supported, etc. to keep the mass audience checking it out. It will all depend on how they execute but I think it could have a play somewhere.