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Knock-off iPad tablets are available in China for under $200. What OS do they run?

Ma ChiMa Chi, Owner of a tablet pc factory b... (more)
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Those answers were right, but now it is 2013, so some update are needed.

Now majority run on  Android Ice Cream Sandwich, some on Android Jelly Bean.

If you run into some tablets on 2.2, you know that they are long life stock. So don't hesitate to cut the price since you are sure that the seller is eager to get off with them.

And the price is $150 below. With $200, you get something better than new iPad.
Miguel ParazMiguel Paraz, Owned a Chinese "Shanzai" tablet.
I bought one recently in Shenzhen. They run Android - in fact, you'd have a hard time finding an Android tablet is not modeled after the iPad.

The really cheap ones run Android 1.6, the decent ones run 2.1 and the expensive ones do 2.2.
Tim BrownTim Brown, AKA Tai-Pan the editor in chie... (more)
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On our site ( we've reviewed on video... 50 or so tablets from China.
Miguel is correct about the pricing and Android versions. We have however also seen a few dual boot devices that could do other Linux variants.

With Android dominating so completely the better question is which App Markets do these tablets connect to? Some do the Android App Market, many do not and only connect to smaller non-Google markets.
Sean CampbellSean Campbell, Used every version of the Andr... (more)
Generally speaking the Shanzai tablets will be one or two revs behind Android's latest (currently 2.3).  So at this point you're looking at tablets that typically are running 2.1.  But the biggest problem is that many only have a resistive screen, display res is poor, and many don't have access to the Android Market as they aren't officially blessed by Google.
Rose LiRose Li, Geeky Gadget Girl at www.china... (more)
Almost all of them use Android OS. With some delay, they follow the actual OS version. Now the new tablets come with Android 4.1. There are also several Intel Atom based x86 tablets they can run virtually any 32bit OS. However generally speaking the tablets available in China are Android tablets. Find cheap but high quality tablets and details about them on our website here.
Quora UserQuora User
Android but they probrably connect to the Cydia Market, or the Amazon App Store. Google prohibts their propetairy applications such as Gmail, Maps and Android Market being put on Android phones. Phone manufacturers have to have a contract with Google, to be able to do that. Google gets to decide which Android phones belong in mainstream circulation.

Why do you think Google controls the Android phone market so much, and you don't see any old Android phone selling in Argos at a cheaper price? Google won't get undercut so easily in the West, and those manufacturers often have contracts with the mobile phone operators to require them to distribute Google Applications on their phones.
Xu QinqiangXu Qinqiang, freelancer at anywhere
Our company in shenzhen build 3G tablets across android 2.3, MeeGo, Windows 7. Please have a view
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