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For example: it's the 21st century.  Why do I have to shave instead of, say, blasting hairs off my face with a laser?  Also I'm shocked that we haven't figured out something more universally accepted than toilet paper (bidets not withstanding.)
Jim BroilesJim Broiles, Lived in Austin
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A way to automatically delete all of the questions on Quora like:
  • How can I invest $10k so I can retire when I am 30 and live on Bora Bora?
  • How can a 21 year old make $1 million by age 25 and I have $50 and no job now?
  • Where can I get an idea for starting a company?
  • Is this a good idea for starting a company?
  • Where can I get money for starting a company?
  • Etc., etc., etc.