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Ratnakar SadasyulaRatnakar Sadasyula, Ex Top Writer on Quora
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Stack Overflow is the geek, the programming wizard, who seems to have a solution for every problem imaginable. He is good on concepts, but more important he has that answer to that particularly sticky programming problem, or rather the ability to get the answers for you.

Quora is the academic, the scholar, with whom you want to engage, on a serious topic, discuss deep, be it say something on Design Patterns or an esoteric topic like Arab Mathematics.

At the end of the day, Stack Overflow, is the friend at work, who helps me in getting over that tricky problem or  some configuration issue.

Quora is the friend I meet after work for a drink to have a chat over the state of the economy or the contribution of Alan Turing to development of cryptography.

I am fine with both the friends, and as such I don't see any of them being a threat to each other.