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"Single page" vs "Multiple Page" design: Which design has better conversion rates, SEO and Usability?

By "single page" I mean websites like, where you have sections within a single page instead of different inner pages for each subsection.
Perjan DuroPerjan Duro, More than 5 years of experienc... (more)
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I think that this decision is based on what you want to show on your website.

Usually landing pages are great with a single page website, they convert better and are focused on the product that is being advertised.
Eric KimEric Kim, Developer/Founder/Entrepreneur... (more)
I'm going to take single page websites meaning a site that has one consistent page with AJAX loading for inner pages or content. There is a trend going on in making landing pages as one page containing a summary, but the purpose of that is self explanatory.

Generally SEO sucks for single page websites as a crawler wouldn't index it properly (or so I was lead to believe). There are however some workarounds for this that involve a "pseudo site" that forces a crawler to crawl indexing those pages with URLs that will lead to a page being loaded in your "one page" website. That was not very clear.

As for usability, a single page website would work well if there aren't many "inner pages". A simple web application would be an example.

Not sure about your other criteria.

In your example are you referring to the landing page or the actual web app?
Maneet PuriManeet Puri, Managing Director, Lexolution ... (more)
Actually, I would like to agree with @Perjan Duro as he has a  strong point. The question can never be about which one being better because it  is about individuality and purpose. Single page websites are a new breed of  websites neglected by many without even knowing their real value. Still some  will argue over the slew of cons associated with a single page design like  Navigation, loading time etc. However, a Single page design does have some  incredible benefits like:

  •          Potentially lower cost 
  •          Better Usability
  • ·        Presenting information in a concise  manner
  •          Increased  conversions
  • ·         Unique
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