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What are some examples of successful Twitter contests, campaigns and promotions for small businesses?

I'm interested in creative Twitter strategies for small businesses.
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Great question! Great answers!

Twitter is a beautiful way to market your business, and there are some awesome examples here of how companies are effectively using it.

We at Wishpond just launched our latest product: 8 marketing apps for contests and coupons on Twitter. Check it out: All-in-one Marketing for Retailers and Brands

And let us know how creative and successful you are!
Jordan BehanJordan Behan, Account Executive, Work [at] Play
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A contest based solely on Twitter is a tricky thing.

Ideally, you want to use the power of Twitter for your promotion, but you don't want your marketing "signal" to get too noisy or repetitive. I like the KFC answer that was given previously, because it challenged entrants to create original content in their tweets. Compare that to a "retweet this to enter" approach, and I hope you can see how one has much more value as a marketing message than the other.

Our company offers software that powers video, photo and essay contests and promotions (on your own site, a microsite or as part of your Facebook Page) and then facilitates voting and sharing of those original entries on Twitter, Facebook, via email, etc. This has greater potential for spreading across the web, encourages the creation of original content in the name of your brand, and allows you to download any amount of data from contestants who enter.
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One notable, if not daring one was when KFC asked scholarship applicants to tweet their cover letter of why they are most deserving.

Boiling down 500 words to less than 140 characters was definitely a challenge and they got a good amount of activity from it.
Jennifer GrayJennifer Gray, I tweet @coocooforcookin
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Twitter Parties are lots of fun.  I've never set one up, but I've participated in several, and it's a great way to get your word out there, do some giveaways to random participants, etc.  Here's a link that explains the idea:
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BlogPaws ( and the pet community hold Twitter Pawties routinely at these hashtags: #nipclub and #pawpawty and #anipals. We mostly raise funds for shelters. Sponsors donate prizes to the tweeps - and also support the shelter. Tweeps can also tip the "Barktender" to help raise funds. Hundreds of dollars are raised this way, in the space of a few hours... or a few days. Sponsors get lots of eyeballs for their landing page, tweeps get to do something good for a cause they believe in, and the hosts of the pawty get to meet lots of new pet people.
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