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What are some group buying startups with completely different MO than Groupon?

My company, Innovate M, offers a turnkey, customizable group buying platform
that can be implemented inexpensively and quickly. We are based in the US and
the platform is already in use for over two years by a top ten player in the
group buying space. You can check out some of the features at

We have a number of differentiating features from other solutions based on
our experience in the space and can help you with many of the hurdles of
getting started including contracts, agreements, obtaining users, etc. Our model
is a onetime setup fee. We do not charge any per transactions fees, monthly
fees, or limit you with quotas.

Please contact me at rezac@innovate-m.comto find out more.
Alex ChanAlex Chan, External Comms manager at Pika... (more)
Pikaba provides group buying capabilities. Buyers can join existing groups or create new ones based on their location preferences.

There are two types of the deals merchants can create with Pikaba:

1) buyers print out a coupon;
2) merchants indicate a minimum group size.

You can learn more about Pikaba by visiting our blog at
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