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What are some things that make Indians sad?

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With the football world cup in its final stages, we all know Messis and  Ronaldos. We have started to know the moves and  strategies of the game(or at least we pretend to do so). Also, there are a few "Super Fans" who are still wondering why Barcelona did not play even a single match in the World Cup!
But no one knows about the tribal girls from Jharkhand, who won bronze in under-14 tournament-- the Gasteiz Cup in Spain held last year.

Known as Supergoats in foreign land, these girls living in extreme poverty had nothing but vision and dedication. They were humiliated, abused and mocked by our own society. When they went to Panchayat to get the birth certificates, they were asked for money (i.e., a bribe), were made to sweep the floors, and were even slapped!
They did not have spare shoes for practice and had to preserve the pair for the real match.
Against all the odds, they won the bronze. They were not aware that there will a prize ceremony for third place as well. And when their names were called, they walked in the traditional attire with tears in their eyes.

Hindu Report : Football made these Jharkhand girls special

On their return they were asked about the humiliations and problems they faced before the tournament.

One of them said -- "We don’t remember the slaps, we remember the cup."

Still no sponsors for the USA tour

They don’t want to go to Brazil like millions of us. They have a tournament in USA and even with Star Sports supporting the cause, they are not getting sponsors. The budget is around 60 Lakh rupees which is way less than what even a Dinda (no offence to the talented player) gets for playing IPL matches.

We don’t have money for them. Instead we will have an extra billboard in IPL, some more ads on a cricketer's shirt.

In the end we will wonder -- India is pathetic in most of the games!

Here is the link to know about them: Every girl's future in her own hands.
Bhakti SharmaBhakti Sharma
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The first thing that makes me sad is that I have to write this story which is mine; myself.

I am an international open water swimmer from Rajasthan (yes! the desert state) and I am the youngest swimmer in the world, first swimmer from Asia and first swimmer from India to have swam in 4 oceans (India, Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic) covering 8 different water bodies (seas and channels).
My mother and I are the first combination in the world of mother and daughter to swim across the English Channel (the Mecca of open water swimming). We swam in a relay of three swimmers (all females) which was also a first from Asia. I have also been awarded the President's Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award in water adventure which also a first from my state.

My next swim is in Antarctica which is going to be a world record of swimming the longest distance in the world's coldest continent and most mysterious water body.
Despite the list of so many firsts and world records, I am not getting sponsors for my Antarctica swim. The budget is almost peanuts compared to what we spend in one cricket match in this country or the amount we put in holding up statues of politicians. My own state Govt. doesn't recognize my achievements under the category of Sports as all the swims I have done are on an individual level (obviously because we don't have an open water swimming organization).
Talent Management companies have refused to take up my profile and the campaign as it does not have "enough market value".

The completion of my next swim would not only put India on the world map in a completely different light, but I am also doing this swim in association with an NGO and helping tribal orphan girls through this swim. And still, sponsors or support is nowhere to be seen.
Today was my deadline to pay the initial deposit of my bookings for the trip and I don't know if they will give me some more time to arrange for funds. And I don't know if I will have to put my dream; of making my nation proud; to rest. But I thought that I should share my story with all of you out there so that everybody knows the struggle of a sportsperson in this country. The sheer lack of awareness and incapability to think beyond the obvious sports and competitions, the torture of bureaucracy, the state of sports persons in this country and most of all the habit of measuring everything in terms of market value in this country is what disheartens me.

Hey guys. I am overwhelmed by the response to this answer. Thanks a lot! I had set up a crowd-funding page on ketto which is now over. But I'll be restarting it soon and would definitely share the link here. In the meantime for the latest news about the swim, you can visit Bhakti Sharma.
Thank you all for the wonderful support. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Added later in response to a comment by @Barbara Holladay - Vernon.
I am 24 and I started swimming when I was two and a half years old so I have been basically swimming all my life. My mother introduced me to the sport since she was a swimmer herself. She started teaching me at a pool in a local hotel as we didn't have any commercial pools back then. I belong to a small city named Udaipur in Rajasthan. We had to stop going to the pool as people found it odd for the mother-daughter to go to a hotel's pool. So I took up Karate and trained to be a Brown Belt. When I was about 8 years old, a pool opened up in a school in our city and I started practicing there.
See swimming is an inexpensive sport in most parts of the world but in India, especially in my state, we hardly have any proper pools even in urban areas. Also, we experience winter for at least 4 months of the year and due to the lack of an all season pool, we had to stop practice during those winter months. So whatever progress we made during other months, was put to a standstill and we had to start all over again in summer. This made it very difficult to compete with the best swimmers at National levels who used to practice all year round. I participated in a lot of state and national level competitions. Bagged individual championship at CBSE Nationals for 3 consecutive years. And when I was 14, my mother told me whatever little she knew about English Channel. I got interested and started training for it. That's how I did my first sea swim when I was 14 at Mumbai in the Arabian sea. You can watch the video here -

I have never had any professional training for open water swimming. My coach in Mumbai is an excellent coach for competitive pool swimming, but I was his first open water student and he tried a trial and error method training for a short period. But apart from that, my mother guided me regarding stroke improvement and breathing techniques whatever little she knew. I had never heard of words like currents, tides, under water currents etc. until very late in my journey. And I am still unaware of a lot of technicalities that go into a sea swim. I built up my stamina to swim for 13 hrs 50 mins (which is how long it took for me to swim the English Channel) by swimming for 8 hrs a day without a technique. So it would be fair for me to say that al my swims have been 60% mental work and 40% physical strength.
I am currently training in a lake in my city (again without a coach) and once I have my funds sorted, I can take off to colder regions of the country like Himachal Pradesh to train and prepare myself for the 0-2degrees water temperature in Antarctica. I have done all my swims in normal Speedo suits i.e I do not use wet suits and this swim is going to be no different. Hence, the stakes are pretty high.
This swim's budget is high because there is only way to reach the site of the swim and that is via a cruise ship, the tickets are expensive. I also need a doctor in my team to take care of Hypothermia and Cardiac arrest. The water is freezing cold there and the risk of getting hypothermia attack is extremely high. Shockingly, I am not able to find a doctor too, in spite of us agreeing to pay for all his/her expenses.

As far as my family goes, I have an amazingly supportive family. My mother is a strong, dedicated and "give nothing less than 100%" attitude woman, and my father, a sportsman himself, is a calm and patient man. One thing they both have in common which I have learnt is their strong will power. While my mother was never afraid of traveling with me all by herself to a completely foreign land, my father is the strong pillar that keeps us all standing tall by keeping his faith in us. They have paid for all my swims till date by exhausting their bank balance, taking loans, using my mother's retirement funds and what not. I could not have been where I am without them. I also have younger brother who is 13 years old and the biggest joy in my life.  Here are a few pictures of me and my family. :-)

My mother and I receiving the Kelvinator Gr8! Women Awards by Indian Television Academy.

My father almost in tears at the event. He is a very shy and introvert person.

 My first TED X talk at SIBM Bangalore.

 Sea is my best friend and the greatest teacher.
Palash KulkarniPalash Kulkarni, A student in Mumbai
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EDIT: Explanation: I got comments from people asking what makes me sad- the fact that she did not get money or the fact that she asked for it. I am 'sad' because she did not get money for 2 years. I don't see anything wrong on her part to ask about it.
Quora UserQuora User, I AM insane, my mother had me ... (more)
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As an Indian, this makes me sad beyond words:

I see insanely large number of "educated" people doing this, I hope everyone gets the gist.
Amit ChoubeyAmit Choubey, I'm an Indian first.
As an Indian, this makes me really sad:

Picture courtesy of ibnlive

Yes the guy in above pic is Sub Inspector Mohan Lal.

You know what was his fault? He stopped a minister because his driver jumped the red signal. When he stopped him and told him that why you violated the traffic rule, the driver stopped the car in the middle of the road. When he asked him to move to one side, he said you don't know whose car you have stopped. Sub Inspector said: I know it is the minister, and we honour him, but what you did is wrong. After this, the Minister's PSOs got down from the car and thrashed him and his colleagues.
These stupid VIP bastards think they are above the law.Watching these incidents makes me really sad.

The minister was -- Taj Mohiuddin, J&K's Irrigation and Flood Control Minister.
Naman BajpaiNaman Bajpai, Marine Engineer, MSC
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Actors like Irrfan, Nawaazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpai, Naseeruddin Shah, RajKumar Rao, Anupam Kher and others are not getting the recognition they deserve.

Instead, superstars like Akshay Kumar, ShahRukh Khan, Salman "Bhai" Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, etc. steal the limelight.

Irrfan won the Best Actor Award for "The LunchBox" in Dubai International Film Festival. He was not even nominated for Best Actor in FilmFare Awards the same year.

Most of the actors have either graduated from National School For Drama or were a known name in theatre for their acting skills before they tried movies. On the other hand, these superstars simply get into movies because of their influence. For instance, Varun Dhawan, Salman "Bhai" Khan, Ranbir, Saif Ali Khan. This is just the cherry of the cake.

Apparently, only a handful of people in Indian Film Industry care about the audience and the content of their movies which will have a positive impact on our society.
Shagun DwivediShagun Dwivedi, a dreamer!
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1) A justified Justice :
The Jessica Lal case :
Jessica Lal was a model who was also working as a celebrity barmaid was shot dead in front of a good number of "spectators". The case started in 1999 and it took more than 10 years for our "amazing" judicial system to sentence the wealthy, influential and shameful people involved in the matter.

Satyendra Dubey :
He was an IES officer who exposed the corruption gulping the Golden Quadrilateral Project. He even wrote a letter to the PM (Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee) stating the irregularities in the project. However he was shot dead in November 2003. The case went on for a few years with a lot of struggle. Yes now we can say RIP!

The fact that it is so easy to commit such murders openly and then reach the level of justice when the dusk is near is indeed sad for our country!

2) Recognition:
Dr. Vashishtha Narayan Singh:
He holds a PhD. degree from the university of California and is a former NASA mathematician was found in a deserted condition in Siwan, Bihar in 1999 after he was lost in 1988. He even challenged the Einstein Theory. Sadly our country never gave him the recognition he deserved.

While it is very easy for us to promote and recognize Sunny Leone forgetting some of our own who have actually made the country proud but were never recognized.

3) When we have such politicians who shouldn't exercise the "freedom of speech"

4) The obsession our society has for a fairer skin and the rage created by the fairness creams among the teenagers and the adults. It is sad how we cannot embrace our very own colour which makes us an Indian. It is sad how definition of beauty is being replaced by the colour of your skin and the makeup overdose provided to that skin.

5) How the untalented judge the talented:
It is indeed sad to see people like him judging the talent shows...and not just that but also witness how one can become a nincompoop on a reality show as he talks gibberish. Our very own Anu Malik.
6) Intolerable unreal Reality:
Where we have more reality TV shows like Splitsvilla where the main motive is to impress and win the next guy or girl you meet with mindless plotting and less of Satyamev Jayate which deals with our nation's problems and helps in fighting serious social causes of this country.
Devan HarikumarDevan Harikumar, has 37 grey hairs
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Nine out of ten films on the list are arguably good for nothing.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia
Vivek SharmaVivek Sharma, I provide a different paradigm... (more)
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The story of this man -- Vashishth Narayan Singh:

One of the the greatest mathematicians alive.

While most of us are striving hard to get a visa for the USA, this man came back to India in 1972 to serve in academics.

The mathematician who challenged works of the great scientist Albert Einstein needs our attention.
  • 1961: Passed matriculation from Bihar Board.
  • 1961: Admitted to the prestigious Science College, Patna.
  • 1963: Went to University of California, Berkley to study Mathematics under Prof. John L. Kelley.
  • 1963-1969: Pursued special MSc in Mathematics.
  • 1969: Got PhD from University of California, Berkley, USA.
  • 1969: Joined NASA as an Associate Scientist Professor in Washington DC, USA.
  • 1969-1972: Remained in NASA.
  • 1972: Returned to India.
  • 1972: Joined as a Lecturer in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.
  • 1972-1977: Joined as a lecturer in IIT Kanpur, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Bombay and Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata.
  • 1977: Shows symptom of mental illness, schizophrenia; admitted to the mental hospital at Ranchi, then Bihar, now in Jharkhand.
  • 1977-1988: Under treatment.
  • 1988: Left home without informing anyone.
  • 1988-1992: There was no information about him.
  • 1992 (February): He was found in a poor condition in Siwan, Bihar.
  • At present: staying in home, under treatment.
  • 2013: Lives in complete anonymity with none to care for him.

Can we learn to respect?

Why do we always fail to respect true geniuses?
Sunny MishraSunny Mishra, Lucky to be an Indian.
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1. An increasing threat to the existence of Jarawas

The Jarawas have been living in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar for several thousand years. They are considered to be the Aboriginals or the original settlers of the island.

The meaning of their name is "People of the Earth." Since they have shunned any contacts to outside world details of their customs and traditions are not known to us. Their number at present is 250-400.

Any contact with outside world has always affected them. In 1789 when the British settlers cleared the forest to settle in this island. A deadly disease broke out and wiped off a significant population of the Jarawas.

Similarly, a disease broke out in 1997 when external contact was made.

Impact of the Great Andaman Trunk Road.

Recently, the Great Andaman Trunk Road has been constructed, which has brought the tourist very close to the shelter of the Jarawas. Though the Indian government has formed laws and the Tourism Department issued stringent warnings, these laws are openly flouted.

It is estimated that nearly 500 tourists are daily taken to their habitats. They are photographed, ridiculed and many times offered alms by these tourists.

Many resorts have now been constructed very near the shelter of the Jarawas.

If this continues, the population of Jarawas will be extinct within a few years, the way it happened to the Jangil Population in 1931.

2. Existence of manual scavengers

Though this has already been explained in a number of questions, I still feel that this is some of worst job that has been continuing in our country and it does make us feel sad.

There are around 3,40,000 scavengers out of which 99% are from Dalit (low caste) and 95% are involved are females and so in short it reflects the pathetic situation of Dalits and women in India.

3. Religious gurus cheat the people in the name of God.

Keshav Prasad Namboorji

This priest from Badrinath-Kedarnath was recently arrested for assaulting a woman. It seems as if a spate of sexual assault was triggered after Narayan Sai was caught being involved in molestation of his disciples.

Narayan Sai

Similarly it was this figure also who was involved in molestation. For details you may read: Sunny Mishra's answer to Which celebrity do you just want to punch in the face?

4. Pathetic condition of our parliament.

Our parliament -- which is regarded as the temple of democracy -- looks worse than a fish market. Much of the most precious time of Parliament goes in vain. Disruption, confusion, fighting and every kind of nonsense activity which a person can think of by the elected representatives of the people.

This M.P. from Vijaywada sprayed pepper in the Parliament in order to protest against creation of Telangana.

The suspended M.P from Vijaywada  Lagadapati Rajagopal.

5. Ill treatment toward the people from the North-east.

The people from North-east region face racial discrimination every time they step out of their region and enter other parts of our nation. They are forced to listen derogatory words and abuses at every walk of their life.

Nido Taniam

On 2014 January 29 Nido Taniam, a 20 year old student from Arunachal Pradesh died after being beaten up mercilessly by locals at a marketplace in the Lajpat Nagar area of Delhi, triggering widespread protests. He had reportedly gone to Lajpat Nagar with three friends and was looking for an address when someone at a sweet shop allegedly began mocking him. According to a member of the Arunachal Pradesh Students' Union, Nido was teased about his hair.

If the people of a country face racial discrimination against themselves in the same country by their own people, this would be the worst thing for a nation.

6. India has the highest number of slaves

Women sold by their parents in flesh trade

India has the dubious distinction of having the highest number of people living in conditions of slavery -- estimated at nearly 14 million, according to an index ranking 162 countries.

Slaves working in the tea plantation in Assam.

Want to know some really obscure mysteries of India ? See:

Sriharsh BhyravajjulaSriharsh Bhyravajjula, Hungry clocks go back four sec... (more)
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This. The garland is worth Rs. 5 crores.
Sowmya JainSowmya Jain, Not a school-girl anymore.
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  1. Honey Singh's lyrics.
  2. Rahul Gandhi.
  3. Movies like Dhoom 3,Krish 3 and Chennai express becoming a blockbuster.
  4. Reservations
  5. Crime against women.
  6. Communal riots.
  7. Politicians.
  8. Faulty education system
  9. Saas-bahu serials
  10. Inflation.
Darshan OswalDarshan Oswal, Amateur Guitarist, I make my o... (more)
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Brilliant actors like Nawazuddin Siddique struggling for years to be recognised in mainstream cinema

And douchebag starsons like this guy getting an easy piece of cake without any talent or hardwork whatsoever

Makes us realise that like most fields in our country, even this one gives little consideration to pure merit.
Jithinraj K RajanJithinraj K Rajan, Aspiring polymath!
Was browsing OLX today. There is a new item for sale @ ₹500, children! Hope this post gets the attention of my journalist/child rights friends.

Here is the link: he is good worker he can wash cloths, bertan,pocha mar sakta hai and many thing and the salary is 500 per month.

Update: They took the ad down after many shares, retweets and media inquiries into it. OLX team was super responsive and did the best they can. People & such mafias are sick and should be dealt by law. Thanks to everyone who made it viral and brought the attention it required.
Aditya SinghAditya Singh
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$130 million of public money spent on Mayawati and her statues!

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