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What are the best FIFA World Cup 2014 memes?

Arturo DezaArturo Deza, Computer Vision Amateur
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I really like these so far :

after the semi final between Germany vs Brazil
Jay R.R. BaxiJay R.R. Baxi, I am the one who knocks.
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Hari EswarHari Eswar, The Snorlax of humans

Cracked me up!
Most jokes made were about Spain's exit, like this one:

And this one:

Finally a couple of interesting status updates on Suarez's yet another bite on Italy's Chiellini:
(Shankara Nethralaya is an eye hospital in Chennai, India for those who are wondering)

Now, the Semifinal slaughter of Brazil by Germany 7-1..
The equivalent battle of Pokemons.. Not evolved weak pokemons(BRA) v Legendary pokemons(GER)
Sai Anand VaibhavSai Anand Vaibhav, Liverpool FC forever.
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