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What are the best forms of freely available educational content for K-12 students?

Deepa GopalDeepa Gopal, Founder, Youngzine
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Youngzine -
It is a free resource for children 9-14 that brings events around the world to children in an engaging manner and within a context that they can understand. It can be used as a resource to supplement classroom instruction in language arts, social studies or science.
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I've heard wonderful things about the ease and flexibility as well as quality of content provided by CK-12 Foundation - Student - all free!
Quora UserQuora User
Gooru helps you find content :
Inkling for iPad : Create and manage digital content | Inkling
1) Giving knowledge for free , 2) Multilingual 3) High quality and accurate materials , content for present standard , 4) Easily understandable presentation for that particular age group  , 5) Contents do not confuse the student or user , 6) The given materials and contents are to be widely , easily acceptable to the world wide students are users.
Joy BerryJoy Berry, Author, Educator, & Child-Deve... (more)
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My company (Joy Berry Books) offers a lot of great downloadable material.

Also - many of my e-books can be downloaded for FREE in the apple ibookstore.

Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions.
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