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What is considered the best Hans Zimmer soundtrack?

Why or how?
Quora UserQuora User, I like movies.
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My vote goes to Inception. Never before, in my very humble opinion, has a soundtrack fit a movie so well as does that of Inception. From the clock-like staccato "jing jing jings" of the strings in "Dream is Collapsing" to the warping tempos and rhythms from "Dream Within a Dream", the listener isn't shoved an out-of-place, sappy, beautiful overture when watching the movie (I would argue this is the case in some parts of his other scores, namely Pirates of the Caribbean), but rather something that literally blends in with the action on the screen and that is incredibly thought-provoking. The intensity of the music varies so parallel with the action that, to me, there are times when I don't even notice consciously what is happening with the music in the background.

All in all, my favorite track has GOT to be "Time". As a pianist I feel like I can especially appreciate it; the entire piece is based off of two-note piano chords, which, amazingly, somehow bring to mind the concept of, well, "passing time" in a spatially-still setting. Listen to the last 30 seconds of the track and you'll see what I mean. It also blends incredibly well, again, with the on-screen scene, producing what I think is one of the best endings to a movie, ever. The track, with the same chords but in differing instrumentation with different decorations across its entirety, accompanies a dazed Dom Cobb in disbelief, a relieved Dom Cobb receiving a warm embrace to his home, and just as he goes to hug his children and the camera zooms in for that notorious, ambiguous ending with the top, the music reduces itself to only unaccompanied, piano chords, suddenly becoming cold and mysterious. The SAME, few chords manage to do all of that in a short scene. What beauty.

When crediting a soundtrack composer of course you have to credit the film director, as well, in this case Christopher Nolan. The director is the one who sets up the scenes with the tracks, and in this case, the two of them were truly in harmony.

And last, but not least, there's the famous fact that the signature Inception "BWONG.................. BWONG!!!" sound is actually based off of the Edith Piaf song used by the film characters in the movie, and yes, warped in time.

In case you haven't already noticed this, or seen this viral video, this clip illustrates what I am talking about.

Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed with this soundtrack.
Quora UserQuora User, Big fan
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My vote is for these soundtracks, each of which beautifully complements the film it's been crafted for and stands on its own as a powerful orchestral experience.
  • Inception
  • Batman Begins
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Gladiator
  • The Dark Knight
Jim PatersonJim Paterson, I am a part-time composer, and... (more)
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My personal choice would be Inception. What Zimmer created for this film is new and different, and it perfectly complements the 'dream within a dream' concept and slow motion elements in the film. It certainly had me hooked and I played it regularly for weeks.
The Dark Knight trilogy
Inception--especially "Time"
The lion king
Sherlock Holmes-"Discombobulate" was simply superb.
Quora UserQuora User, A Jungian Archetype on a Hero'... (more)
My personal favorites:

Through Heaven's eyes in Prince of Egypt.

Oogway Ascends theme in Kung Fu Panda

Po finds the truth from Kung Fu Panda 2

And finally all of The Lion King

Everyone of these sound tracks gives me goosebumps!!
Sampath RajendraSampath Rajendra, Huge fan!
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My personal favorite tracks :
Imagine the fire
He's a Pirate
I'm not a hero
Aggressive Expansion
One simple idea
.... All his remaining tracks! :)
Thomas HemsleyThomas Hemsley, I´m a movie-enthusiast and wan... (more)
1 upvote by Julie Prentice.
Rain Man
Backdraft - it has become the template of all his actionmovie-scores
The Thin Red Line - very different than everything else he´s ever done before that.
Gladiator - his best combination of Backdraft-stylings with his "ethno"-stylings.
Sherlock Holmes
As good as it gets - no one ever remembers that he did that one, too
And I also like True Romance.
Bart van der HorstBart van der Horst, composer, filmer, writer
Gladiator was the first movie that displayed Rome in a new Raw way. We never saw something like that before. The music is likewise Raw and something you v never heard before. Both made a huge impression. The movie lifted the music and the music lifted the movie. Hans Zimmer's name went global.
Ryan KirkRyan Kirk
1 upvote by Alex MacCaw.
I believe the top contenders would be:

  • Rain Man
  • Driving Miss Daisy
  • The Lion King
  • The Last Samurai
  • Inception

All of these scores were unique and innovative, and perfectly captured the mood and emotions of the film. My personal favorites are Inception, with The Last Samurai coming in a close second.
Siddharth BhandariSiddharth Bhandari, 3 movies a week.
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The Last Samurai
The Dark Knight
Kungfu Panda
Batman Begins
Anand RamachandranAnand Ramachandran, Graduate Student, ECE, at Univ... (more)
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- Tracks from Pirates movies 2 and 3
- The Dark Knight Rises
- Inception
- Discombobulate from "A Game of Shadows"
- "Homeland" from Spirit the Stallion of the Cimarron
Mathur SathyaMathur Sathya, Nothing Satisfactory to write here
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Most ppl know Inception, Gladiator, Tdk triology and Poc are most famous ones.
But there is one album which is really awesome and went unnoticed by his fans.

Background score in this movie was very subtle.

I just posted the best one in the album though all the tracks are worth listening to.

And another not-so recognized soundtrack which i like very  much is

only these two are good in the album "THE ROCK"
Ewa Nadzieja WozniakowskaEwa Nadzieja Wozniakowska, Translator, Italy Aficionado
It is definitely Gladiator!
When it comes to Hans, it is really difficult to say the best as he composed many amazing and wonderful tracks. I am listing the ones which I feel the best.

1) "Rain Man Theme"
     The turning point in Hans Zimmer's career and he is nominated for Oscar. If you watch the movie "Rain Man" you will really get to know the beauty of this track and how it suits perfectly to the situation and Dustin Hoffman's role.
2)"The Lion King"
     The movie for which he received Oscar and Golden Globe. This is animation film and Hans really has given great music.
3)"The Rock Theme"
      Hans Zimmer is one of composers for this movie
       All the tracks of this movie are wonderful.
5)"Pearl Harbour's Tennessee"
6)"The Last Samurai"
        I personally feel that Hans should have received Oscar for this one.
Such a magnificient track by listening to which fills us with serenity.
      "A way of life", "Spectres in the Fog", "A small measure of peace" are masterpieces. I recommend all the people to listen to these tracks in this movie.
7)"Pirates Of the Caribbean"
8)"The DaVinci Code"
        two tracks-"Chevaliers de Sangreal","Kyrie for the Magdalene"
9)"Batman Series"
10)"Inception's Mombasa and Time"
11)"Sherlock Holmes Disembobulate"
     PS: I will be giving descriptions about "why or how" for the ones I mentioned soon.
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