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What is the Open Company concept?

Seb PaquetSeb Paquet, Reality Theorist, http://twitt... (more)
My understanding is that an Open Company is one with low barriers to entry, where people may more or less freely come in and contribute and can expect to be rewarded for their contributions.

I believe the concept originated in this blog post:
As 'open' and 'openness' has various definitions and concepts, so is Open Company .. and I therefire agree with Sep Paquet's formuation. However, I think there are two other competing ones:

1) one would refer to companies working without intellectual property protection, i.e. based on shared knowledge, code or design, and using 'open business models'. I have documented this at

2) the second additional definition would refer to compaines that do not have profit maximising as their primary purpose (though they may be profit-making), but take into account environmental and social externalities

Hence in my own documentary work, see here at, I pay attention on both inclusive models (cfr seb paquet), on open business models, but also on all the new hybrid 'fourth sector' and shared value formats that are emerging

In this sense, we could say that closed is a mental category, only focused on profit for the shareholders, while open then refers to open to all stakeholders.
Tiberius BrastaviceanuTiberius Brastaviceanu, value networks architect
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First, I would like to say that I don't like the term "company". I usually use the expression "open enterprise".
I would also add on top of Seb's and Michel's contributions that an open enterprise can be forked or mixed with others. These properties come from a value network view of an economic enterprise, in which value can flow in an unrestricted way between small ventures (projects) that can freely aggregate into larger ventures. See more about the Open Value Network model. In order to enable this new sustainable model of value creation and distribution we need a Value accounting system. See more on the TEDx video
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