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Maybe someone said something and (quick as a flash!) you had an amazing or incredibly funny response. What was it?
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At age 14, after having been caught by my french teacher for disturbing the class, I was made to stand for the remaining 20 minutes. My teacher, Miss Callaghan, gave out to me for 5 minutes in front of the class (embarrassing for most, but I was well used to it); finishing her rant she asked "What would your mother say if I was to call her and tell her how you've disturbed the entire class!?".

Opportunity knocks, I thought. So, I took a moment to get in character and with the best impression of my mother, I exclaimed, "Whaaaat!?"

The class erupted into laughter and cheering while Miss Callaghan's nostrils flared with frustration to my literal answer to her question. She could do nothing. It went unpunished, and it's safe to say she never called my mother.

Ah, one of the many school stories.