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What man or woman are you attracted to, but would be ashamed to admit it?

I'm a man and I'm attracted to Betty Liu. I find her very sexy, but she doesn't seem very smart.
Quora UserQuora User, Here I go again.
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I am mortified, yet amused, to admit it.  I am completely attracted to Charlie Cheever.  I can't be the only one.  All I know is he founded Quora, he's a Harvard grad, worked at FB and has a great smile.  I refuse to learn anything else.  I'd like to imagine he's married, with two sons I can fix up with my daughters when they're old enough.   I like that he's this adorable, unattainable, genius.  And, Charlie, if you have any sort of stalker issues, it's not me.
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Probably myself.

In my late teens, I used to have a doppelgänger [1] in Dublin who happened to be a girl* and a fine looking thing she was too. After hearing about her for months, we chanced to be at the same nightclub and she was pointed out to me - really the spitting image, I have to admit. 

Read into this what you will and I know what you will, hence the - slight! - shame (but not very much if I'm honest), at the time, in the circumstances and out of curiosity? I would have.

Alas, cruel Fate, presumably to prevent a matter-antimatter detonation which would have meant the end of the Universe, had other ideas =)

* Called April apparently, the month of my birth...(cue: Twighlight Zone music).

[1] Doppelgänger
Anna DemersAnna Demers, Putting the Can into Canada, o... (more)
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I'm smitten and attracted to male cartoons. I have no idea why....

Take the Justice League for example.

I imagine myself being Wonder Woman and well... the rest is X-rated... ; )

Jason McDonaldJason McDonald, Women: Used to be married to o... (more)
80 upvotes by Deborah Shortt, John Jeffrey Mardlin, Quora User, (more)
It's hard to find the line between "ashamed" and "well... that's awkward", but let's go there...

Emma Watson

I know she's an adult now, but there's still a part of my brain that screams that it's not supposed to find Hermione Granger attractive.
Quora UserQuora User, I can explain..
Hillary Clinton. there you go I said it...
Alex RollerAlex Roller, Actor
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Probably 8-12 women on Quora. I won't tag them or post their pictures for fear of creeping them out or embarrassing them, but... there really are a lot of attractive women on here. And yes, I'll admit, I've clicked through to numerous Facebook pages in order to see more pictures of them.

Please note, I'm not actually as creepy as I sound. I really am embarrassed to admit this, so that's why I think this answer is appropriate for the question.
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