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What's the best practical joke/prank you have played on someone or the best practical joke/prank played against you?

Quora UserQuora User, I talk a lot.
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About 20 years ago, I signed my college roommate up for several magazines, targeted at teen girls, he would have no interest in, Cheerleading and Dance, Young and Modern, Hairstylist and Make-up, for example.  The great thing is they must share or sell their subscriber lists because, as far as I know, he still gets tons of magazines targeted at teenage girls.  He complains about it to me and has no clue I was the one who did it.  His postman must think he's so creepy.
Bob CookeBob Cooke, Retired Special Agent-in-Charg... (more)
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I sent my friends name to an Enuresis treatment center. It took a while but they send him an entire bed wetter's treatment kit. He didn't know what it was when he opened at work in front of a bunch of people.
Victoria WilsonVictoria Wilson, indecisive
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on every electrical cord in my house
Quora UserQuora User, Master in involuntary isolation.
I saved an April 1st newspaper one year when I was a kid and after my parents were done with it, kept it for a whole year, waiting for the next April Fools Day to arrive whereupon I set the saved paper on the doorstep rolled up with a rubber band.   Boom, they hardly noticed they were reading a year old paper.

(credit for that idea I think comes from Dynamite magizine).
Mark SavchukMark Savchuk, Concerned citizen
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There was one we did in the summer language school (I used to come to England to learn English).

We took toothpaste and put it on everyone's hair during the night. We giggled our asses off, when, the next morning, everyone woke up with messed up hair:)
Rajat ChauhanRajat Chauhan, Jack of all trades, master of none
I called up a friend around 10 in the evening and to my surprise someone else picked up the phone. I asked him who he was and then he told me, " hey man, I found this phone at **** metro station, I am standing at gate no 1, if you can reach here in 15 minutes, I will be waiting for you otherwise I am submitting it with metro authorities." I asked him to wait for me and I paced to the station in my pyjamas only. I took an auto-rickshaw at more than normal price. Midway, I received a call from that no. and to my utmost surprise, speaker was my friend and he said,"you called, what for??" and when I asked him about the conversation that took place with another man, he said that it could be a faulty connection problem and hung up. Now, I asked auto driver to return to the place from where I boarded it, he refused sighting some dumb reason(common in Delhi). Then I left him there only and paid him. I crossed to the other side of road for another auto or bus, whatever I could get first. Don't know why, but I checked my pockets and was horrified on finding that I was left with no money (remember, I was travelling in pyjamas). I had to walk a long distance back to home and to this day, my friends tell me that it was all due to a faulty connection problem.
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