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Who are the Destonians?

I have found a very interesting group of Quorans here and here and here

These Destonians identify themselves with a green Equal Money System logo on their Quora avatars.

From what I can gather online, Destonians hang out on Destonians - The Earthlings and Desteni - Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles

Who are these people?
Every time the “cult” label comes up, I have this picture/memory of back in 2008 when I first began investigating Desteni. I too considered the possibility of them being a cult., yet the picture that still pops up in my mind (when the word, “cult” is used) is more akin to some 1960's imagery of peace and free love – stuff like that. At the time, I was lecturing at Renmin – The Peoples University of China in Beijing, and doing Doctoral studies/research at China University of Political Science and Law, in the fields of China Law and International Law.

It's like this; within the educational system (which I've been involved with in several countries for more than twenty years), both the students and teachers' hands are quite tied/limited in terms of what they are encouraged/permitted to investigate; that is until one reach a certain level – where I was and currently still am. I laugh when people speak of grammar as though there is one set of politically correct rules or laws that must be religiously adhered to; where's the fun in that?  For that matter, where's the fun in studying core subjects in the educational system these days? History is censored, science is bought, paid for, and promoted by corporations solely for the purpose of profit, international law is nothing more than the law of the jungle – the law of the gun, and as for finance... Which school economics is it that we're pretending to follow these days?

In the last 5 years, I have spent literally thousands of hours investigating and to a lesser extent – applying, the Desteni material. The biggest challenge has always been for me to remain objective – stick with facts that I am able to cross-reference and physically verify. In other words, from the thousands of pages/hours of information that I have reviewed, if I found even one point of deception, I would have latched onto it like a hunting-dog and rooted it out.   As it is, I have found in the group, and to an extent even in myself, honesty, courage, and determination.

There was a time when I attempted to introduce people to the Desteni material, get them to “really” investigate for themselves. However, I found that much of the material was too technical for many, especially in the sense that, that which we are not familiar with or goes against our ideologies or core beliefs, is often considered a threat, and therefore attacked regardless of it's merit.

It's a challenging journey for me, and I am my own experiment. The principles are simple, yet the design/blueprints of what is here in/as the relationship between energy and substance is quite complex.

Fred CheungFred Cheung
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Hi I am Fred and I have been a Desontian for 5 years now.

At first I was watching YouTube and found out that what I perceived was a little girl (Sunette) appearing everywhere on YouTube. I didn't give it a nickel, but out of curiosity I clicked on one of those videos and then it totally changed my whole life. I found that what she said was like nothing I had heard before, especially fascinated by so many celebrities and famous people like ex-Presidents who came through the portal and shared their points/views to this world.

Real Destonians all understand what Oneness & Equality are, and we are all from the same source-means. We work together and walk our process in the goal of waking/educating people, make them understand the current self-interest Capitalism is dying! Everything is getting worse every day. The only way to save us is to build a new Equal Money Capitalism system in which everyone will be taken care of Equally. Equal Jobs, Equal Medication/Housing/Transportation, Equal Nursery, Equal Entertainment, Equal Laughs & Joys! Free for Everyone on Earth. Just imagine for a moment, wouldn't you want to share/enjoy living in the beautiful picture described above?

This is our goal and asking everyone who sincerely cares about the Earth and everyone on Earth join us and walk with us, till this is done!

Thank you.
Carrie TooleyCarrie Tooley, Food, Beverage, and Events Man... (more)
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Hi - cool question.

Who am I?

I am a mom of two, I have been married for 10 years, and I have a career that I enjoy in the restaurant industry.  I am a Destonian and I support an Equal Money System.  I have made a 7-14 year commitment to write and I share this writing in a blog here: A Working Mother's Journey To Life.  I also share my experiences as a parent here: Honest Parent

Who am I as a Destonian?

As I stated above, I participate in a 7-14 year commitment to write.  Within this writing, I support myself with the tools of self-forgiveness, self-correction, and self-commitment that are taught at Desteni.  There are many others that are doing the same - these blogs can be seen here at:

As an additional level of support and education for myself, I am enrolled in two online courses at Desteni I Process: Structural Resonance Alignment and Agreements - Redefining Relationships

Within these courses, I have learned my patterns, how my mind works, how to take responsibility for myself, and how to make practical changes in my living. I now approach the events and experiences in my life by no longer blaming others for the problems that I see, investigating my reactions, testing solutions, and pushing to always stand on my own two feet.

As I participated in the process of writing, self-forgiveness, and taking responsibility for myself an interesting event happened: I started to care. In-fact, the more responsibility that I took for actions/decisions/self-interested choices, the more-and-more I cared - and the more I cared, the more I saw my direct and indirect support of abuse, exploitation, war, hate, denigration, greed, abdication, hunger, homelessness, and poverty.   And to be honest, I did not want my children to have to experience the fear, anxiety, and shame that these problems create and I could not go back and change the fact that I brought children into this mess so the only choice for me was to do everything within my ability to change the future.  This is where I began supporting and participating in the research and development of the Equal Money System - which, at this point, had it's foundation and solutions to the problems that I was seeing. 

What is the icon on my avatar?

This is the Equal Money System PicBadge.  For me, it is a show of my commitment to support an Equal Money System.

What is my mission?

To be a stable human being that understands and cares for all life. 
To be willing and able to switch places and/or place myself in the shoes of any living being on this planet.
To be a responsible and compassionate parent that raises responsible and compassionate children.
To make sure that every child born on this planet has quality food, water, clothing, a bed to sleep on, shelter, medical care, and education.
To daily educate myself on how the systems function and investigate ways in which we can use what is here.
To assist, support, and have discussions with others that would like to see change and/or see common sense points where we can change that have yet to be seen.

Do I come in peace?

LOL. Yes, for certain. 

- Suggested by Bill McDonald in the Comments section of this question:

I have visited this site, read several entries, and will continue to do so.  The writing-style is clear and straight-forward which is quite cool.  As far as the information and knowledge shared, I have found a combination truth, falsities, and 'gray areas' in relation to Desteni.  For me, the points of concerns can be found in the Comments/Reply section at the bottom of the page where supporters of the page (often disguised as Anonymous) are allowed to share abusive, denigrating, and physically threatening comments.

Marlen Vargas Del RazoMarlen Vargas Del Razo, Equal Money System
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The longest answer I've written here so far, and I could write for hours end, but have other writings yet to do in the do.

This is Marlen and I've been participating with Desteni and being an advocate for Equal Money for 5 years now and we are a group of people that united under one same principle and objectives: Equality as Life and understood that if we want to see a change in this world, we have to create it.

We are mostly an online based community that walk a process wherein we have decided to walk a process to understand how it is that this change within the world in fact begins within ourselves. So, within Desteni you'll find that all the articles, forums, materials is based on understanding who we are as the mind/ consciousness, how our physical body functions and in this also understanding that we have been essentially living in a world where nothing has really changed, and the reason is because we as individuals, as human beings haven't changed.

Within this understanding  we embarked ourselves in a process of self investigation  through writing, developing common sense within the premise of seeing how it is that in our thoughts and actions we have neglected looking at how we affect each other with our words and the relationships we form, which we then begin seeing through exploring our relationships with others, our reality, work, education in our writings to see who we are and how we have contributed to neglect the fact that who we are as living beings is equal to any other living being, and that it is only in our minds that we have denied this in order to not have to 'worry' about how other human beings are living in the world.

Before I had a strong desire to change the world, but I kept being depressed about it and mostly generally apathetic about informing myself about how the world/ politics/economics, I only allowed myself to be afraid of the future and decide to opt to study something that would support my ability to not take responsibility for myself and my world. Read many books, sought many answers, applied many practices leaving me always on the same dead end: nowhere.

When I found Desteni as all the videos and articles online, I realized that this was it, that there was a hope for ourselves as human beings if we so committed ourselves to become that change that we want to see in the world, by giving ourselves a second chance to learn how to live as Equals. This is done through the process of 'writing yourself to freedom,' which I've been walking ever since with close to a thousand posts now over the years, which you can visit here MarlenLife's Blog and it is essentially sharing ourselves and this process of self-correction with Self Forgiveness, which is nothing else but aligning ourselves - our thoughts, words, deeds - to a living principle wherein we ensure that who we decide to be and participate in, is what's best for all. 

What is Best for all in Equality? This is the common question that people tend to puzzle about, which is normal because we have been conditioned to link 'Equality' to things like communism, socialism or losing some kind of 'individuality,' all of which is just a gap in understanding this Equality as Life that we stand for, which is the realization that we are all created as equals, we are all existing here in this planet/ existence and what we see in our world is the reflection of our own mind and personal  creative abilities, which means that: we have screwed up everything while keeping ourselves busy with our pursuit of happiness or buying the greatest things that we have mostly realized leads Nowhere either, because we simply can't cross our hands with opulence while people suffer due to the system we all participate in, where we have deliberately ignored the fact that there is people dying every day with no access to water, food, shelter, working in slave conditions, animals going extinct, food being poisoned, people being sexually exploited  drug addiction on the rise, a corrupt political elite, a hierarchical structure that promises many unreachable dreams, and all of this being obfuscated from our reality because of us being very entertained with our personal desires for happiness and love and great fortunes, ignoring the reality of other fellow living beings that I've just mentioned here, which are but a few examples.

When I became aware of this through a process of self education along with fellow  Destonians during an intensive process of reading, watching, communicating, discussing ways to create a solution, we came up with the idea of creating a new economic system that could solve all these problems, because we all agree that the root and cause of all the problems and crisis we witness is because of how the system operates, at all levels, which doesn't only mean economy or political, but the very way in which our very mind functions within the physical body already implies a relationship of power, and struggle wherein we have allowed ourselves to live according to the Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Beliefs that we have used to mislead us from focusing on practical physical reality changes that have to be made in this world in order to create solutions. This is thus the birth of the Equal Money System proposal in 2008.
Since then, a vast amount of material has been produced in order to support people to understand how it is that if we want to make a better world, we first have to focus on ourselves - and this is precisely what we have been doing at an individual and group level. We have forums to discuss this individual process which you can visit here:   Desteni Forum • Index page and also Equal Money System Forum to discuss our proposal, share educational material, books, clarify points, suggest, etc. And, what is fascinating is that through each one's blogs and vlogs in our YouTube Channels - mine are Marlen Vargas Del Razo and World Equality is Equal Money we all have been able to reach out to people all over the world that agree with what we say and how we promote self responsibility in order to take the wheel of our lives, standing by the principle of life in Equality, to eventually create a political platform that encompasses our realizations about the solutions that can be politically and democratically implemented to create a change in this world. 

This is part of our 'breaking the program' since, as I mentioned, I was remotely interested in participate in any form of group, or publish myself and writings online or even having to be taking responsibilities of any kind, I wanted to be 'careless and free to do whatever I want' - which is why I studied Visual Arts - yet later on realizing that I could not live with myself avoiding facing my part, my responsibility to this world along with everyone else that is currently living of this world, but not really contributing to make things better for everyone. So I made a decision to get to meet the people in the flesh and test out what I had applied alone for a year at home.

I spent a year from 2009-2010 at the farm in South Africa, living, working, interacting and basically spending the best year of my life with the Destonians that founded the group there,  wherein I got to experience first hand what it really is to be living among individuals that stand within the same principles, that apply Self-Honesty as a living application which makes interactions, team work and common goals easily achievable with great opportunities to integrate discipline, critical thinking, practical living skills related to farm work and animal care, construction, painting, planting trees, etc -  enhance our communication and writing skills plus the ability to share our time educating ourselves, and sharing in real time our individual processes wherein we focus to live in the physical, meaning being a breathing living being that considers at all times all others as equals, wherein the mind-experiences of fears, judgments, emotions, feelings, mind conversations are deliberately written out for our personal point of taking responsibility for them, and stop participation in them,  because we understand that what goes in our mind that is not considering everyone equally and a best for all outcome eventually leads to create and instigate separation, comparison, judgments, fears, competition, etc. Which is how we have been able to also cross reference what kind of world this can be if we all commit ourselves to take self responsibility for our minds, our lives and commits oneself to live as equal to everyone else, to coexist, to work together with a common goal and at the same time, enjoy each other's expressions, communication and presence, as well as integrating this comfort to coexist with animals, plants and taking care of each other as part of our understanding that we are a collective that must present the example of what life can be like when equals unite with that same goal: establishing a permanent and sustainable solution so that every individual, animal, plant and environment can be honored by each one of us as equals.

This is what we see is possible for everyone else in this world , this is what we apply on our daily lives with all the blogs that can be read at  7 Years Journey to Life forum. This is all just a general personal background with the group and my own process of dedicating myself to walk it side by side with everyone. I support at the Desteni I Process wherein we offer a specialized and one on one support platform for people to walk their process - au contraire to what is posted here, there is no such marketing schemes in it, and obviously as any form of service it is paid for those that can afford it, but there's also a vast amount of sponsored people since we also understand the financial difficulties that exist for many, but I personally decided not to receive the money from it  and instead donate back what I earn from my work, to continue supporting to grow the group, since we understand that it is only through Education at this individual level and political organizations that we can truly implement a change in this world and for that, we all require resources, quality material, education, degrees, promotion, work, individual training, etc. It's a full time living-position for me, but there's nothing else I would be doing instead in my life.

I must say that I had no hope for humanity before, but after meeting these guys around the world, being on a constant interaction with them either in real life and online and reading them on a daily basis, I Absolutely decided to stand equal to this common goal and commitment to stand up for life, because we can all see and realize that the world is not changing but worsening every single day and that's because of Us as individuals doing nothing about it. So this is the commitment I made in march 2008, and here I am, never in my life being so certain of having a purpose to live and knowing that such purpose is in fact something that's absolutely worth living for, and I am certainly proud of being a Destonian and an Equal Money advocate, because these are the only principles I can see stand for all that I wanted to be and become, but had no support or idea of how to do it before until I got to collaborate and share with this group. And I renew my commitment to it every single day and prove the power that a group has.

It's the best quality of people that you'll ever find in the world and cyberspace, we all are open books with our daily individual and world system investigations and proposals for change, and  proudly stand with a firm conviction that humanity can change, because we are demonstrating so ourselves, walking our individual process to be the example of this - and so it is a matter of more people realizing what is possible when life in Equality is our starting point to do things in our reality and how we can get to work as a collective with one single outcome, which is why we are here at Quora and many other social networks.

We come in peace and in equality of course, and all our words can stand as a test to that. The links are in the description of this question.

Thanks for reading.
Nicholas SaintNicholas Saint, Serial downvoter
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The Destonians are a South Africa-based cult, centered around Bernard Poolman and a young woman going by the name 'Sunette Spies'.

The group has adopted the Scientology strategy in response to being labelled –- correctly –- a cult. That is, they now try to downplay the Science Fiction and lead with the Self-Help stuff. I have been unable to find any writing by fully literate Destonians, but there is a vast corpus of incoherent ramblings along broadly warm and fuzzy lines: equality, self-forgiveness, and common sense all feature prominently.

The organization makes money off of these ideas in a few different ways. While there is a lot of free content on YouTube, there are always links to further videos that can be purchased at a site called Eqafe. The group also has a series of self-help courses, known as the Desteni I Process, which is organized as a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme, wherein you get a cut of the course fees of anyone you recruit.

The backstory is that Sunette Spies is an interdimensional portal, able to conduct interviews with beings from other planes. She still has a ton of content on YouTube, but a lot of those interviews have been removed. You can still find some fun stuff on the organization's own site, however. A personal favorite:

Initially we worked with many beings in heaven – and especially Jesus, Osho Meditation Resort, Hitler and Anu.

Now in heaven each being exist as sound –and the primary form is egg-shaped. There is no sound in communication as in ‘speech’ –all is direct –immediate, instantaneous. There is no here and there – in heaven all is here as sound - as completeness.

Jesus and Hitler and I and some other beings cleared the demon dimension - using self forgiveness – assisting each being to give up their limitations based in energetic cocoons of self delusion.

Before we cleared the entire demon-dimension – we assisted and supported demons individually – through literally taking them into and as ourselves, merging with them equal and one and showing them as ourselves – who they really are. Through this the demons self-realised within an immediate act of self-forgiveness, done through giving up their believed self-definition of limitation based in energy.

So ... buckle up, Quora Community, this is going to be fun!

Update: Note that there is now an answer from a Destonian, that other answers are being downvoted with a quickness, and that 100% of the upvotes for the Destonian answer thus far are from Destonians. This is a fascinating first (AFAIK) for Quora.

Update 2: The interviews are not all gone after all. Here is Adolph Hitler (in Sunette's body) doing a little vlogging:

Tom ByronTom Byron, Great place to share, exchange... (more)
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My Answer #942

They support "Equal Money" which sounds utopian. Sounds very different from the U.S. economy. Sounds like they want their own separate country. And everyone of these topics has been highly approved by the supporters of this utopian concept.

The term "Easy Money" sounds like re-distribution gone to the extreme...

Oddly, if you go to the site below, there are no names associated with the comments.

Sounds like a group I will avoid like the plague!!!!

    ------------their web page----------
Equal Money Healthcare will track the Food Regimen, the Treatment Regimen, and the Diagnostic Regimen of Each Human to Enhance the Outcome of Optimum Living. This will Result in Real Science, producing a Healthy World focusing on Prevention as the Best Cure.


Equal Money food Production will focus on Effective Healthy Living for all with the outcome of Longevity.


Science in an Equal Money System will focus on the Principle of Directing the Living Experience for all to sustained fulfilment and Happiness as Quality Living.


Education in an Equal Money System will prepare Each Human to become a Self-Aware, Responsible Part of the Human Race that lives a fulfilled and Extra Ordinary Life of Excellence, Happiness and fun. Equal Money will Ensure that every Citizen is Effectively Educated to Live in Harmony with Plants, Animals and the Environment in General.


Democracy in an Equal Money System will Practically engage Every Citizen of the World to Vote on Every Aspect that will influence Day to Day Living, and No Politician will have Any Power to Make Decisions. Politicians will only Function as Administrators Effecting the Will of the People.


The Equal Money System will reduce the use of non-renewable energy resources by 95% through removing the profit motive and replacing it with the production of effective products of the best quality available equally to all, supplementing energy needs with renewable energy sources.


The Equal Money System will allow Religious Freedom of Association as long as it does not impede on the Right to Life and Protection and Equal Distribution of Resources, or impede on the Fulfillment, Education and Lifestyle of Each Living Being on Earth.

Perfecting Life

The Equal Money System will allow only unbiased Record keeping and Reporting of Events and History, from the Starting Point of learning from Events with the Goal of Perfecting Life for All; in Educating and Critically Investigating how Humanity as a Group can Best Co-Exist with Each Other and All other Living Beings on Earth.


The Equal Money System will Study the Psychological Well-Being of Humans to Ensure a Lifestyle free of Fear. The focus will be on Supporting Life to Practically Live Fulfillment and Happiness in Ways where Self-Gratification will not Harm any Living Being or the Environment. This is to Ensure the continuation of Earth as an Effective Resource for the Enjoyment of Future Generations.


The Equal Money System will focus on the Development of Information Technology at the Most Advanced Possible Level, and the attainment of such Technologies for all – so ensuring a sustainable redirection in the requirements of, for example, plants in the use of paper. The Publishing Industry will Move to an Electronic Way to coincide with Equal Availability of Technology, making it Possible for Each Person to actively Participate and Research each Policy and decision that Impacts Life in General, with the emphasis being on a Solution without fear.


In the Equal Money System, the production of ALL Necessities and Devices will form part of the Higher Education Curriculum functioning as a Practical Internship. After education, all Labour and Research for Enhancing the Experience on Earth will be on a Volunteer Basis. Volunteers will Contribute to the Development of Excellence in Perfecting Life on Earth as Part of their Self-Fulfillment as Life – being in Service to Life.


The Equal Money System Policy Statements and Goals will be Amended from time to time to Achieve the Greatest Effectiveness in Policies and Goals that Will lead to the Best Possible Life for all on Earth.


In the Equal Money System, the Banking System Infrastructure will become the Logistical System that manages and Allocates resources and goods to Each Individual in the World on an Equal Basis. And your bank card will become your Life Card, which you will swipe every time you Draw Goods and Services from the Global Life Support System. The Logistical System will make sure that each person receives their just dues and at the same time will prevent abuse and exploitation. Each person will have access to the Global System to review the current Status of Available Resources and to vote on effective distribution and allocation – and to place preference selections and make suggestions.


Within an Equal Money system it will be recognized that Humans are a part of the Ecosystem they live in. The word 'eco' stands for 'home' - and thus, each human will be responsible for maintaining the Balance and Harmony within their home, within their Ecosystem. This involves the Monitoring of the Well-Being of the Plants and Animals within one's Environment and to Intervene when Disharmony occurs as a result of Human Impact, so that a new Equilibrium can be established.
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