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I am interested because, he is really a professional & expert in mathematics, machine learning, information theory and probability theory who gifted a beautiful set of self explanatory videos to the students on the respective topics. And yet, he seems to want some privacy by not mentioning his name anywhere, making me much curious to know him.

I have googled out for the past hour and all went in vain. Having this last trial to save my time. And it is worthy to mention that, the acknowledgements to his work are overwhelming from all over the academics in web, which made me desperate to ask this question here.

I believe he must already be well known in his field, so I hope it won't disturb his feelings, if he has done it intentionally.
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Chau H. TranChau H. Tran
56 upvotes by David Joyce (Professor of Mathematics at Clark University), Adrien Lucas Ecoffet, Akilesh Potti, (more)
He's a PhD student in Applied Math at Brown (link to Jeff Miller)