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Why do I keep seeing edits to questions and answers, where the edit seems to merely delete something and then add literally the exact same thing back again?

I started noticing this when I was getting several edit suggestions to my answers that wanted to remove text and links and replace them with the same thing. I assumed I'd added the wrong link by mistake, but when I checked the answer the links were correct and the suggested edits literally made no real change at all, just deleted and repasted the same text right back in again. Then I looked around and found that this happens on a lot of edits to other people's questions as well.

I took some screen shots of examples and will post them in the comments below this question, to demonstrate what I'm talking about. I must be missing something relevant in the edits, but I cannot see any difference at all -- same text, same links, same use of bold/italics/whatever, etc. What am I missing?