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Why is "The Hindu" considered better than the other daily newspapers in India?

Personally, I feel reading "The Hindu" a tad boring. I only read its editorial section. I have been specially advised to read "The Hindu"  for the preparation of competitive exams.
Shyam KumarShyam Kumar, Life Voyeur
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This Picture explains why :

My issue with TOI is that they would do whatever it takes to sell those twenty pages. The Hindu is more trustworthy.
Nishank VarshneyNishank Varshney, Quorious
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Because of this reason :
Times of India, just wants to grab Eyeballs to the news, and therefore publishes misleading Headlines. Never seen such cases with The Hindu.

Read The Hindu.. Stay Ahead of the Times.. :)
Balaji ViswanathanBalaji Viswanathan, Indian by Birth.
I'm a little biased here as "The Hindu" was started by one of my relatives (G. Subramania Iyer). I think when it comes to language, diction, story selection and layout, Hindu is unparalleled. Times of India looks so inferior when to comes to all these points.

Although the communist takeover of Hindu (under N. Ram and Siddharth Varadarajan) has degraded the quality of the great paper, it still stays way ahead of its peers. Times of India is great when you want to know what kind of dress Kareena Kapoor wears or what is happening in the party circuit. ToI also focuses a lot on crime, while Hindu focuses on international issues. My wife and I used to read ToI when we were in Mumbai last year, as we wanted to know the best clubs and eat-outs. Hindu is poor in providing that information ;-).

Fortunately (or unfortunately) questions about Kareena Kapur and the hottest designers of Bollywood don't appear prominently in civil service exams. That means you might need to know more about farmer suicides, the politics of mining, the troubles with NAM and the history of Bluestar operation than the junk stuff. This is where "The Hindu" will help. The paper is meticulously edited to stay closest to the imperial standards of grammar. That means it is also a good way to learn the proper English.
Sriram PadmanabhanSriram Padmanabhan, Tinkerer, traveller, technologist.
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Take a look at how the two newspapers tackled the recent news regarding 'curing' a baby of HIV. (I currently do not have access to the print version of both the papers, hence I am posting screenshots from the respective sites)

The Hindu says:


Times of India goes on to 'ruffle up' readers with this 'stronger' reporting:


While a little more appealing headline might not hurt everyone, this is blatantly misleading on the part of TOI. When it comes to issues like this, it is as also a question of the ability to understand scientific news well before pouncing to make one's own half-baked conclusions from it, though the news might be welcoming to humanity. Notice how the Hindu repeatedly, and categorically stresses on the word 'functionally cured', and explains why it is claimed so.

I don't stop with the headline: Take a look at the utter army of cliches and pretty much gaseous sentences that start the reporting. Add to that a generic image that serves particularly no purpose whatsoever with regard to the main subject.

Finally, since this is the internet, I'd like to say that I am in no way affiliated to either of these papers, and this is my personal (and I hope sensible) opinion based on my observations.
Shyam Naren ChandraShyam Naren Chandra, Learner for Life
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apart from the differences that people already mentioned.. unlike others, The Hindu is rather well known for these initiatives than prey upon some gossips...
Tanay VoraTanay Vora, I love sarcasm.
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Because the oldest newspaper of India (TOI) reeks of poorly written articles without any background checks and proof-reading. Like this one -

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