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In almost every reincarnation, the murder of Bruce's parents happens in Crime Alley after the family has come from a viewing of the film "The Mark of Zorro" which was a huge inspiration of Batman becoming who he is (Rich guy, wears a black cape, has a cave in a mansion.)

Robin was introduced into the comics initially because every detective needed a "Watson".

Batman has a really, really, really dark sense of humour. Read any of the comics in which any of the JLA members aside from Wonder Woman and Superman try and have a conversation with him. He doesn't let just about anyone cosy up to him.

There have been at least 9 incarnations of Robin.

In the early incarnations, not only did Batman use a gun, he also killed if necessary.

The campy 60's TV show was inspired from a party Hugh Hefner threw at the Chicago Playboy Club where he had asked all his guests to dress up themed as Batman and Robin. An ABC executive was in attendance and took it from there.

Kevin Conroy is the person who has portrayed the longest running Batman on television voicing over 7 seasons of Batman: The Animated Series, six video games and five animated movies.

Batman always has an arsenal of gadgets in his utility belt. See here for more information about this. What are the standard gadgets that Batman has in his utility belt when he goes out at night?

What is not more commonly known is that he keeps a lead lined box with a kryptonite ring in it given to him by Superman in his belt sometimes, in case Superman ever goes rogue on him.

Batman is well-versed in over 125 styles of combat. He learnt many strategies, combat moves and healing powers from African Bushmen, Monks and from experts like Kirigi (who taught him ninjitsu) and Harvey Harris who trained his detective skills.

Batman met Hitler in the issue World's Finest #9.

Batman likes to keep a database on every superhero and their whereabouts aside from the criminals as well because he has a very distrusting nature.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins is one of the few civilians who is not mentioned regularly in the Batman canon who knows his identity. She helped raise him with Alfred as a child after his parents murder.

Annually he goes to Crime Alley on the date of his parents murder and drops a rose where his parents were murdered.

Jason Todd, the second Robin was killed off via a readers poll.

Aside from Bruce Wayne, the bat mantle has been worn many times by Dick Grayson and for a brief period by Jean-Paul Valley.

His only serious romantic relationships as Bruce Wayne have involved Selena Kyle (Catwoman), Vicki Vale (reporter), Dr. Chase Meridien (psychiatrist), Talia Al-Ghul (Ra's' daughter), and socialite Silver StCloud.
EDIT: Also Andrea Beaumont. His one time fiancée who he met attending Gotham University. Thanks Amar!

His most common aliases when he is working undercover as neither Batman or Bruce Wayne, is Matches Malone or Gaff Morgan.

He was taught the art of escapology by Zatara.

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