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I try and address both questions.

1. Does Spark help you lose weight? Well, it serves as an appetite suppressant, so if you are cutting calories that are a definite benefit, and you can refer to my other answer that I have provided in this previous post about more information about some of AdvoCare’s products, specifically the topic of Spark drink.

2. Does it give you energy? Yes, it contains 120mg of caffeine as well as some other amino acids that help you not only to feel energized but also helps you maintain this level of alertness and mental focus.

You Can Purchase Spark Energy Drink Here.

Just to fill you in a little bit more on Spark, AdvoCare has made an energy booster that enhances the ability of the brain to maximize its utility, this power punch is delivered in serving that they have aptly named Spark. This is an energy drink with the perfect combination of ingredients aimed at enhancing the health of the brain and performance of the muscles within the body to take on workouts, or just to supplement possibly bad habits of adding sugar or empty calories to your morning cup of Joe in the morning. AdvoCare Spark is sugar-free and is long lasting and doesn’t disappoint in the endurance category of giving you a boost that you can sustain for a significant portion of the day. In addition to the extra kick of energy, AdvoCare Spark is also helping with an appetite suppressant. If you combine Spark with a healthy diet plan, then the supplement will help with your hunger cravings. Hunger cravings are all too common that come with dieting, especially for all those carb lovers out there, when you start to reduce this percent in your daily diet your body will most certainly start to let you know that you are not carb loading like it was accustom to consuming.

The supplement, AdvoCare Spark, has made the gap of losing weight and attaining it that much shorter. This supplement is such a crucial part of the whole journey that for most customers it replaces many of the bad habits that they used to have like, calorie rich coffees, no diet sodas, and many other bad morning habits. When you factor in that an average cup of coffee is going to cost you around $2 you cannot afford not to give it a try. When you factor in all those people out there that are consuming all the fattening latte’s and sodas, then you have a winner. For most people that have fallen into the rut of their routine in the morning supplementing with the addition of Spark can make a significant difference not only in productivity but also in the amount of weight loss that they can achieve. Do you know how much you could lose if you just cut out some empty calories every week? You will be surprised to find out just how much your body will change when you start to notice all the of fuel that you put into your body and the kind of calories that you consume. Once those good calories start to outweigh the bad, your body will start to transform into what you have always wanted, trim and healthy.

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