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Hi Danny!

I can help you out with that; I maintain a health blog and one of the products that I endorse are products by the company AdvoCare. AdvoCare is a corporation out of Plano Texas that was founded in 1993 and back in 2013 employed roughly 250 people, which now has over 60,000 independent distributors who work for the company to promote the products. Spark energy drink has been a mainstay, a base if you will, for many of the diet plans that AdvoCare supports. Spark helps to provide customers with the quick pick you up in the morning designed for a healthier alternative to the soda, coffee, and other stimulants that everyone seems to be trying out these days. Spark has 120mg of caffeine, so it has plenty to get your engine going in the morning, as well as some essential amino acids to help you out with mental focus and all the other good things that come from being productive in the morning.

I blog about many different types of meal preps and meal plans, as well as diets. All the diets and or diet modification systems have supplements for the most part, whether those supplements come in the form of actual supplements that you consume from the vendor or a “supplement” in your diet. Even food can be a supplement, by the way in which we can change the percentage of saying carbs or fats, or a substitution for one thing that you might have started to rely on a little too much that just might not be what your body needs. Spark from AdvoCare can supplement the energy and stamina that we all hope to achieve as we age and make diet restrictions or modification to the way in which we live our lives every day. Once your body gets over the shock of not having the raw sugar and carbs that it is used to, you will start to experience low points of energy; this is where Spark energy drink kicks in for help. The more dependent people that have become accustomed to saying more than a couple of drinks of coffee to get them through their day might just need to spark more than once a day, and that is perfectly fine. The added caffeine and amino acids will help you make it through the day focused and ready to tackle your weight loss goals.

Like I mentioned I have previously answered questions about AdvoCare and Spark before. You can read one of my posts by clicking on the link for Fruit Punch. I hope that this information has been quite beneficial. Also, just so you know there are many different flavors of spark to name a few there is AdvoCare Spark Fruit Punch, Cherry (my favorite), Watermelon, Mandarin Orange, Grape, Pink Lemonade, Mango Strawberry, Green Apple, Limeade, and Blue Raspberry. So, if you like the Fruit Punch flavor, I would recommend trying out some of the other flavors. I drank Fruit Punch for a long time and just found Cherry, of course, I like things just a little bit more on the tart side because I think that the sweet ones can become quite overpowering regarding the sweetness levels.

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