Advertising Terms of Service

Last updated: October 24, 2019

The following terms (“Advertising Terms”) apply to your use of the self-service advertising manager for creation, submission and/or delivery of any advertising products, sponsored activity, or content (“Self-Serve Ads Manager”) and any order you complete through the Self-Serve Ads Manager (“Order”).

These Advertising Terms were written in English. To the extent any translated version of these Advertising Terms conflicts with the English version, the English version controls.

The Self-Serve Ads Manager are part of the “Quora Platform” under Quora’s Terms of Service (“Platform Terms”), and the Platform Terms continue to apply to your use of the Self-Serve Ads Manager and any other use of the Quora Platform.

1. Your ads

a. Your ads must comply with all laws and regulations, not be deceptive, not violate intellectual property or personal rights of another party, and must comply with all other Quora Advertising Policies (“Advertising Policies”).

b. We have the right, but not responsibility, to review your ads for compliance with the Advertising Policies, but you are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Advertising Policies at all times. We may reject or suspend ads that we determine do not comply with Advertising Policies, or we may terminate your account for repeated violations, so you should review the Advertising Policies carefully.

c. When you complete an Order and we accept it, we will deliver your ads as inventory becomes available. When serving your ads, we will do our best to deliver the ad to the targeting you specify, although we cannot guarantee that your ads will reach its intended target in every instance.

d. We are continually refining our algorithms to optimize and enhance effectiveness of advertising campaigns. This may affect or broaden how our technology systems define the criteria for targeting categories offered to you.

e. We will optimize the placement, size, and positioning of your ads given the targeting parameters you choose.

f. We are unable to guarantee the activity that your ads will receive, such as the number of clicks, impressions, or acquisitions your ad will receive.

g. We will do our best to detect and filter certain click, impression or related activity, but are not responsible for click, impression or related fraud, technological issues, or other potentially invalid activity that may affect the cost of running your ads.

h. You can cancel your Order at any time through our Self-Serve Ads Manager, but it may take up to 24 hours before your ads stop running. You will be held responsible for paying all ads that run during this time.

i. Your ads will stop running when we have completed your Order.

j. We reserve the right to reject or remove your ads for any reason. You agree that we may correct typographical, grammatical, spacing or formatting errors, with or without your express consent. We may terminate your account and your right to advertise on the Quora Platform, on a going forward basis, at any time in our sole discretion.

k. If you place ads on someone else’s behalf, you must obtain permission to place those ads. In addition, you confirm that you have the legal authority to bind the advertiser to these Advertising Terms and the Platform Terms. Each advertiser or client you manage must be managed through separate ad account. You must not change the advertiser or client associated with an established ad account; instead, you should set up a new account. If the advertiser you represent violates these Advertising Terms and the Platform Terms, we may hold you responsible for that violation.

l. Your ads and related content and information may be used for marketing or promotional purposes.

m. Sometimes, insights about Quora users may be generated based on how and whether they respond to ads on the Quora Platform. We own any data generated from Quora users’ interaction with ads displayed on the Quora Platform, such as whether a particular user clicks on a particular ad served on your behalf (“Click/View Data”), but you may use any Click/View Data that we provide to you for your own internal purposes, such as to analyze the performance of your campaigns. You may not directly collect and use any information about how users interact with Quora content, except for your own internal purpose related to your use of the Self-Serve Ads Manager. You will not combine any information obtained in connection with your use of the Self-Serve Ads Manager with personally identifiable information for any purpose.

n. You will indemnify and hold us harmless for any claim, cost, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and investigative costs) that arises from an allegation by any third party that you have committed any act (or omission) that is a violation these Advertising Terms, including the Advertising Policies.

o. You may not issue any press release or make public statements about your relationship with Quora or the Self-Serve Ads Manager without our prior written permission.

2. Orders and payments

a. Completing your Order, or any time after, authorizes us to obtain your personal and/or business credit report from a credit bureau.

b. The amount due and that you owe will be calculated solely based on our tracking mechanisms.

c. You agree that we can charge you any amount that falls within the budget you agreed to upon signup. We will try our best to notify you in advance if any charge will exceed the agreed-upon budget.

d. The amounts charged to you may be subject to and include applicable taxes and fees, including without limitation withholding taxes. You are responsible for remitting any taxes that apply to your Orders. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any claim arising out of your failure to do so.

e. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your advertising account, and you will be charged for any orders placed on or through your advertising account, including without limitation orders placed without sufficient internal authorization, or through mistake or error.

f. You represent and warrant that you have the legal right to use any payment method used by you in connection with any Order.

g. Quora works with third-party service providers to perform payment processing, including card processing and currency exchange (“Payment Agent”). Any payment processing will be subject to the terms and privacy policy of the Payment Agent, in addition to these Advertising Terms. Our current Payment Agent is Stripe, Inc., and your payments are processed by our Payment Agent in accordance with our Payment Agent’s terms of service and privacy policy. Quora may share transaction information (namely, the amount of payment due) with our Payment Agent, but not credit card information, which you provide to the Payment Agent directly, and not to Quora. Quora may replace its Payment Agent at any time.

h. If Quora has agreed to take payment from you via cheque/wire transfer then you may make payments in that manner, provided that you hereby agree to the additional terms specified here. Subject to our approval, you can change your preferred payment method from your Quora billing settings.

i. If your payment method fails or your account is past due, we may take steps to collect past due amounts using other collection methods. You agree to pay all expenses associated with such collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. Interest will accrue on any past due amounts at the rate of the lesser of 1% per month or the lawful maximum.

j. If you have the option to purchase ads with a prepaid account, amounts prepaid are non-refundable except where required by law. Quora does not offer banking services; accordingly, prepaid amounts do not earn interest, are not deposit obligations, and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, or any other entity or insurance scheme, whether governmental or private.

k. We reserve the right to contact your funding instrument issuer, law enforcement, or relevant third parties (including other users) and share details of any payments you are associated with, if we believe doing so may prevent financial loss or a violation of law.

l. Without limitation of the above rules, if you believe that a problematic transaction has taken place under your account, you agree to notify us immediately, so that we may take action to prevent financial loss.

m. There may be countries that restrict or prohibit your ability to make payments through the Quora Platform. Nothing in these Advertising Terms should be read to override or circumvent any such foreign laws.

3. Pixels

Quora provides pixels (“Pixels”) that you can add to your websites or apps to allow you to send data about actions that people take on your websites or apps or other customer information that you may elect to share (collectively, “Pixel Data”) to Quora, for the purpose of personalizing ads or attributing conversions to help measure campaign performance. By using these features and tools, you accept and agree to the Pixel Terms of Use (“Pixel Terms”).

4. Confidentiality

During the course of your decision to register for or use of the Self-Serve Ads Manager, you may receive information relating to the Quora Platform, designated in writing by us as Confidential (“Confidential Information”). In such event, you agree that you will not disclose such Confidential Information to any third party without prior written permission from us.

5. Notices

a. Notice to you. Using the Self-Serve Ads Manager constitutes agreement that we may communicate with you electronically any important information regarding your Orders or your account. We may also provide notices to you by posting them on our website, or by sending them to an email address or street address that you previously provided to us. Website and email notices shall be considered received by you within 24 hours of the time posted or sent; notices by postal mail shall be considered received within three (3) business days of the time sent.

b. Notice to us. Unless stated otherwise, you must send notices to us relating to these Advertising Terms to:

6. Miscellaneous

These Advertising Terms constitute the entire agreement about your use of ad services and supersede any other agreement, oral or written, about this subject matter (including any prior signed confidentiality agreement to the extent it conflicts with these Advertising Terms), except for any prior agreement by you to the Platform Terms. These Advertising Terms specifically include the Platform Terms and Advertising Policies and Pixel Terms, which expressly are incorporated herein. You may not modify the Advertising Terms without written agreement from us. In the event of any conflict between these Advertising Terms and the Platform Terms, these Advertising Terms shall govern with respect to your use of the Self-Serve Ads Manager to the extent of the conflict. We may ask you to review and accept supplemental terms that apply to your use of a specific feature or functionality made available through the Self-Serve Ads Manager. To the extent those supplemental terms conflict with these Advertising Terms, the supplemental terms will govern with respect to your use of the specific feature or functionality to the extent of the conflict.

We may modify these Advertising Terms, including the Platform Terms, Advertising Policies or Pixel Terms, at any time. The most current version of the Advertising Policies can be found at A copy of the Advertising Terms can be found here: A copy of the Pixel Terms can be found here: These links also will be available in the Self-Serve Ads Manager. You should review the Advertising Policies periodically to remain informed about our current policies. If we amend material terms to this Agreement, such amendment will be effective after we send you reasonable notice of the amended agreement. Such notice could include, for example, via email, posted notice on the Quora Platform or Ads Manager Platform, or other manner. Your continued use of the Self-Serve Ads Manager after reasonable notice to you of any material changes to the Advertising Terms, Platform Terms, Advertising Policies or Pixel Terms, or after non-material changes, constitutes acceptance of those changes. If you do not agree to the amendments or to any of the terms in this Agreement, your only remedy is to cease use of the Self-Serve Ads Manager.