Linked Networks

Quora offers the capability to connect your account with other Linked Networks such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

When you connect your account to a Linked Network, you’ll be shown the set of permissions that the connected account is granting to Quora. You can manage connections to Linked Networks by visiting your Account Settings page.

You can choose to disconnect a Linked Network at any time. If you’ve chosen to display links to other networks on your profile page, disconnecting the network will remove the link immediately. If you disconnect your Linked Network from Quora, we’ll delete all of the raw data we’ve imported through that connection, unless required by law to keep it.

Import Contacts: You can also choose to import your contacts from third party applications to your Quora account and learn which of your contacts (depending on their settings) use Quora and are available to connect with you on Quora. When you import your contacts, you remain in control of the imported data, and Quora will process the data in accordance with our Data Processing Terms.

Invite your Contacts on Quora: You may also choose to send messages inviting your contacts to join Quora or follow you on Quora. It is entirely your choice whether to invite each of your contacts. You can control the message and will be the sender of such messages, assisted by Quora’s technology.