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Venessa Miemis
Venessa Miemis, Evolutionary Agent, Provocateur
Ken Hutchison
Ken Hutchison, PhD Engineering, PhD Mathematics, entrepreneur.
Erik Fair
Erik Fair, I remember IMPs, NCP & BBN-1822
Tom Crowl
Tom Crowl, Civilization Systems: Issues in... and technologies for... improving group decision
Leonardo Dario Perna
Leonardo Dario Perna, Co-founder of Kakigarden. Post-scarcity freak.
Jonathan Eyler-Werve
Jonathan Eyler-Werve, Instructor at Dev Bootcamp
Les Orchard
Les Orchard, {web,mad,computer} scientist and {tech,scifi} writer
Patrick Anderson
Patrick Anderson, Economic Systems Engineer
Sepp Hasslberger
Sepp Hasslberger, Generalist, networking herald
Richard C Adler
Richard C Adler, Special Projects Librarian, Michigan Publishing, Universiry of Michigan
Tudor Boloni
Tudor Boloni, CEO Medical Biostasis Inc.
Paul B. Hartzog
Paul B. Hartzog, developed an early design for a distributed internet, the Knowledge Commons
Forest Mars
Forest Mars, Archetypical Architect